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Published on April 10, 2008

Author: Reginaldo


CDMA2000 Applications :  CDMA2000 Applications January, 2007 Mobile Telemetry:  Mobile Telemetry Digital Home allows users to have full access to and control of home appliances and electronics through a CDMA2000 1xEV-DO mobile device – regardless of time and location. Lifestyle:  Lifestyle Mobile Sommelier helps subscribers choose between wines while shopping Audio/Music Download:  Audio/Music Download EZ Chaku-Uta Full® allows an entire song to be downloaded over-the-air on a CDMA2000 1xEV-Do device -- at any time, anywhere. Audio Download and Telemedicine:  Audio Download and Telemedicine Video Streaming:  Video Streaming Jalur Pantura allows subscribers to check traffic conditions on various roads in Jakarta by streaming “live” video to their 1xEV-DO mobile device -- anytime, anywhere Blogging:  Blogging Amp’d Live Messaging & Blogs allows users to post their comments on existing topics and introduce new topics for discussion. Video Streaming and Download:  Video Streaming and Download Reliance Mobile TV provides “live” television and allows the user to download various video clips to their CDMA2000 1X mobile device. Video Messaging:  Video Messaging Mobile Banking and Commerce:  Mobile Banking and Commerce Jianxing Handset Bank is a mobile banking service that allows users to perform a variety of banking and financial transactions from their CDMA2000 1X device. Mobile Transactions:  Mobile Transactions EZ Felica allows subscribers to make e-payments, pick-up tickets, board airlines, enter their homes and even sign-in at karaoke bars, all with a tap of their 1xEV-DO handset Location-Based Lifestyle and Public Safety:  Location-Based Lifestyle and Public Safety The i-Kids Service helps parents protect the safety of their children through a Global Position Service (GPS) and 1xEV-DO device Social Networking:  Social Networking Music and Ringtones:  Music and Ringtones Location-Based Lifestyle:  Location-Based Lifestyle Bones In Motion offers users an effortless way to wirelessly monitor, measure and motivate users toward their fitness goals using a GPS-enabled 1xEV-DO mobile device. Location-Based Lifestyle & Public Safety:  Location-Based Lifestyle & Public Safety ChaperoneSM is a family tracking service designed to help parents locate their children Game Download:  Game Download Sprint Power Vision Games allow users to choose from hundreds of single and multiplayer games from areas such as sports, action, arcade, puzzles and classic favorites. Audio Download and Streaming:  Audio Download and Streaming XM Radio Mobile allows users to receive commercial-free access to audio streams of 20 XM satellite radio channels, that offer a wide range of music genres. Video Streaming, Security and Safety:  Video Streaming, Security and Safety Iusacam provides users webcam video access to remotely monitor personal and commercial premises from a 1xEV-DO device for remote management, security and safety purposes. Mobile Auctions:  Mobile Auctions EZ au Auctions is a public mobile auction service that allows users to post and bid in auctions using their 1xEV-DO phone. Interactive Taxi:  Interactive Taxi Provides taxi passengers with “free” real-time news, sports, weather, local dining and entertainment guides, emergency and public service announcements, local maps, directions, etc. History of CDMA Service Introductions:  History of CDMA Service Introductions Web Browsing: Internet access and web browsing (KDDI EZaccess and EZweb, Apr. 1999) E-Commerce: Bank account balances, money transfers, credit card transactions, insurance, ticket reservations, auctions and other online transactions (SKT n.Top, Aug. 1999) Photo Messaging: Snapping and sending color photographs (SKT Photo-Mail, Sep. 2001) Location-based Services: Personal navigation (KDDI eznavigation, Dec. 2001) Video Messaging: Recording and sending video clips (KDDI Movie Mail, Apr. 2002) Telematics: Seamless access to mobile services in a car or truck (KDDI G-Book, Apr. 2002) Workforce Automation: VPN access in the field to help companies increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce costs (SKT NATE SFA Service, Jul. 2002) Game Downloads: Download and play games (Verizon Wireless, Get It Now, Feb. 2002) Video on Demand: View movies, TV, music videos, news & sports (SKT JUNE, Nov. 2002) Karaoke: Listen and sing along with karaoke songs (SKT, JUNE, Nov. 2002) Music Downloads: Listen to CD-quality music clips (KDDI Chaku-uta®, Nov. 2002) Taxi Services: Access to news, sports, weather, maps, directions, dining and entertainment guides, etc. in a taxi (Sprint PCS Interactive Taxi, Jan. 2003) Traffic Webcams: Viewing real-time traffic conditions (SKT JUNE, Feb. 2003) Ring-back Tunes: Listening to music while call waiting (SKT Coloring, Sep. 2003) Push to Talk: Two-way ‘walkie-talkie’ communications (Sprint PCS Ready Link, Nov. 2003) FM Radio: Select and receive FM radio broadcasts (KDDI, EZ FM, Dec. 2003) User Identity: Authenticates a user’s identity to ensure security (SKT WPAS, Aug. 2004) Full Song Downloads: Listen to full-length songs (KDDI Chaku-uta Full®, Nov. 2004) Song Identity: Identify songs using mobile recordings (Verizon Song IDentity, May 2005) Digital Home: Access and control of home appliances (SKT Digital Home, Jun. 2005) Voice Navigation: Navigation with speech recognition (KDDI Voice de Input, Jan. 2006) Social Networking: Share bulletins and photos while mobile (Helio MySpace, Feb. 2006)

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