Application state handling with ReactJS and Morearty

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Information about Application state handling with ReactJS and Morearty

Published on July 24, 2014

Author: alexsavin



Presented on London React User Group meetup on 23.7.2014

App state handling with Morearty and React Alexander Savin @karismafilms

this.state this.props

callback: -> @set-state c: it render: -> … component-b do prop-a: @state.a prop-b: @state.b prop-c: @callback Component A on-change: -> @prop-c value render: -> div class-name: ‘my-input’, @transfer-props-to input do placeholder: @props.prop-a on-change: @on-change Component B

State tree

Flux Dispatcher Store A Component A Component B Component C

App state in Om Root atomComponent A Component B cursor cursor

shouldComponentUpdate? By default always returns true

Immutable state



Immutable objects ● Easier to reason with ● Thread safe ● Better security ● References instead of copies

Persistent data structures ● Always preserves the previous version of itself ● Yields a new structure on modify

Persistent data structures ● Partially persistent ● Fully persistent ● Confluently persistent ● Ephemeral


Vector Vectors support efficient addition at the end. They also support efficient random access.


hash_map Unlike JavaScript objects Mori PersistentHashMap support complex keys. It's recommended that you only use immutable values for your keys - numbers, strings or a Mori collection.


Morearty ● Single app context ● Persistent data structures ● JavaScript

Morearty hash_map

Morearty vector

Morearty Binding object ● Contains app state ● Allows creation of sub-bindings ● Listeners

Morearty Context ● Central module ● Access to utils, binding, history, data structures


Context in LiveScript


App in LiveScript

App components

Morearty future development ● RRB trees for vectors ● Better documentation ● Community feedback wanted

Further reading RRB Trees: http://infoscience.epfl. ch/record/169879/files/RMTrees.pdf Morearty intro (in russian):

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