Application Layer Firewalls

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Information about Application Layer Firewalls

Published on October 13, 2009

Author: saumilshah



A quick introduction to WAFs - what they can do and what they can\'t do.

Application Layer Firewalls Saumil Shah, Net-Square TCS APPSECWEEK - 4.9.2009

# who am i Saumil Shah CEO Net-square. Hacker, Speaker, Trainer, Author. M.S. Computer Science Purdue University. Google: "saumil" LinkedIn: saumilshah


Application Layer Attacks Input Tampering SQL Injection LDAP, XPATH, XQuery Injection Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Exception Handling Session Manipulation Buffer Overflow HTTP Parameter Pollution (HPP) ...and many more

Attacking the application Netbanking Login saumil userid xyz' or 3=3 -- password login

It is not easy to fix broken applications

Application Layer Firewalls (WAF)

What do WAFs do?

What do WAFs do?

Types of WAFs


Shall we see a demo?

WAFs cure the symptoms, not the illness.

THANK YOU secure . automate . innovate

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