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Published on July 8, 2009

Author: nikhil_kulkarni



A quick dope on how Application Architectures have evolved from 2-tier to

Application Architecture An Introduction

2-Tier Architecture Database Clients made in IDE’s like Visual Basic

3-Tier Architecture

Web Based Model is essentially a 3-tier architecture Browser Web Server (PHP / ASP) Database (MySQL, Oracle)

The latest Application Architecture paradigm is XML / JSon Presentation Layer Business Logic or or API Layer Data Layer (PHP / ASP) (HTML / JavaScript) Custom Messaging Format

Result • Any web based application is written as two independent applications – HTML Pages (with Jscript code) which define how the User Interface will look like – PHP / ASP pages which send / receive and process data • The HTML and PHP pages exchange information using XML / JSon or a custom developed messaging format (plain text) • Each HTML page loads, it sends data request to a PHP page using Ajax and receives data and updates the information on the page • The PHP pages act like an Application programming Interface (API) which receive requests from HTML pages and send back raw data to them.

What Google Says Source: In most web applications today there is no real data layer. Figure: No data layer In general, isolating the data layer is a good first step. When you add a local datastore to your application, you will have a single place through which all data storage and retrieval requests pass.

The Next Stage (for offline availability)

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