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Published on April 9, 2014

Author: amilapc3



who copied the phones?
did Samsung copied from Apple?
Apple copied from Samsung?
let's see the truth....

Amila Dayarathne

Apple is more innovative than SAMSUNG

Let’s see the truth…

In 2001

Apple introduced the i-pod

SAMSUNG Introduced SGH-T100

In 2007

Apple introduced the i-phone

SAMSUNG Introduced SGH-J700

Before introducing I-phone, SAMSUNG phones were like this…

After the revolution of I-phone, SAMSUNG phones are like this…

In 2010

Apple introduced the i-pad

SAMSUNG Introduced Galaxy Tab

Before introducing I-pad, SAMSUNG tab is like this…


Because of these reasons Apple field a suit in a US court against SAMSUNG, Claiming that they copied Apple’s design for its Galaxy Phones.

Let’s see what SAMSUNG copies from Apple…

A rectangular product shape with all four corners uniformly rounded

The front surface of the product dominated by a screen surface with black borders

Substantial black borders above and below the screen having roughly equal width and narrower black borders on either side of the screen having roughly equal width

A metallic surround framing the perimeter of the top surface

A display of a grid of colorful square icons with uniformly rounded corners.

A bottom row of icons set off from the other icons and that do not change as the pages of the user interface are viewed.

Apple claimed that SAMSUNG also imitated Apple’s product packaging trade dress

Apple claimed that in addition to copying Apple’s product trade dress, SAMSUNG has also copied numerous application icons in which apple had valid trademark rights as shown below.

Apple claimed that SAMSUNG’s infringement of the Apple utility patents provided SAMSUNG with unique functionality for its product that was the result of Apple’s innovation, and not SAMSUNG’s.

Apple claimed that SAMSUNG’s USB cables are a clear knock-off of Apple’s designs.

Apple claimed that power adapters used for SAMSUNG’s smartphones, which are almost an exact replica of Apple’s USB power adapters


Finally The jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05 billion

According to my opinion…

Apple is more innovative than SAMSUNG

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