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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: purvikrana


Bonjour Zero Configuration Networking 1

Agenda Why Bonjour? What is Bonjour? How it works? How Bonjour reduce overhead? Bonjour API Architecture Bonjour Operation Conclusion        2

Why Bonjour?  Majority of Devices works on TCP/IP  One functionality was lost  Add device – connect it with others with little configuration IP to work    Unique address (statically or dynamically assigned) Most devices has to manually configured – lazy task – don’t know (don’t want to waste time) Need simple way to discover services over IP network   3 Choose from the list – instead of going through knowing IP address and services

What is Bonjour?  Apple’s Zero-Configuration networking IP – part of IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)  Allows a single network protocol for Service Providers – application Programmers  No need of assign IP addresses, host names – simply choose service which are available in the list  More Powerful for applications – automatic detect and interect 4

How it Works? Proposed Solution   Addressing – allocating IP to host    Naming – use Names instead of IP    5 Self assigned link local addressing – pool of addresses IPV6 – reliable then IPV4 mDNS – multicast queries (IP Multicast) Include responder – mDNSResponder Daemon Name to Address – unique name require (h/w manufactures or s/w services)

Cont…  Service Discovery – discover services over n/w – automatically   Accomplished by ‘browsing’- mDNS query is sent out (type & domain) – matching services replies – available to choose  Centric idea of network Services – n/w servers  6 Discover service and list it out – named services + port numbers Queries – according to the service needed – application holds service instance names - concentrating on services rather then device

How Bonjour reduce overhead? Server Free Tasks – avoid unnecessary ‘chattiness’ Caching     Maintain records for requested services multicastDNS responsible for this – free app developer Suppression of Duplicate Responses   Host is about to respond service which is already responded – leave it – free app developer Exponential Back-off and Service Announcement    7 Not continuously request – on increase periodic interval New service starts on n/w – announce t presense

Bonjour API Architecture NSNet Service , NSNet ServiceBrowser    Part of Foundation Framework Object oriented abstraction for SD – Publication CFNetServices (Provide Core Foundation )   Style types and Functions for managing Services DNS-SD   8 Intermediate layer between your s/w & multicast DNS responder

Bonjour Operation 3 fundamental operation   Publication – advertising/register a service  3 DNS records are recorded     Discovery – browsing for available services  9 SRV (Service) Record – maps the name of the Service (Host Name, Port Number) PTR (Pointer) Records – maps type of service with instance of type of service TXT (Text) Records – additional information of Service Instance Perform query for PTR records – match with DNS records (Publication Operation)

Cont…  Resolution – translating service in detail in the following sections   Saves the Service instance name for future – eliminating precious two operation  10 Take place only once in a while Perform DNS lookup for SRV Records with the name of the Service

Conclusion  Enhancing this kind of functionality in networking let you discover the more services relay in the network and increase the performance eliminating the overhead. Thank You… 11

References  ocoa/conceptual/NetServices/Articles/programming.html# //apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40002459-SW1  ocoa/conceptual/NetServices/Articles/NetServicesArchite cture.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/20001074-96838  12

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