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Published on May 7, 2014

Author: PatrickPaulBrown



App project

9-5 Workout App Presented by: Patrick Brown 5/7/2014Patrick Brown 9-5 Workout

What is 9-5 Workout?  9-5 Workout is an application that works as a complete dietary journal and workout tracker. 9-5 workout is the ideal tool for those who concentrate on their health and fitness. 5/7/2014Patrick Brown 9-5 Workout http://www .youtube.c om/watch? v=Z2JSWgk wRL4

What is 9-5 Workout? Concept  9-5 workout will make it easy to keep track of how many calories you’re taking in along with how many you’re burning, may it be from going to the gym, or the office. Along with a calorie calculator, it contains many more health friendly features. Idea  This app will make it easy to stay healthy no matter what you’re trying to do. It will work as a handy health tool for people who are focused on fitness, or just those who need fitness on the go. 5/7/2014Patrick Brown 9-5 Workout

 9-5 workout stems from the concept of our busy lives being a work out enough. It incorporates what you’re doing with what you’re eating. There are 3 features. Why 9-5? diet exercise calories 5/7/2014Patrick Brown 9-5 Workout

Diet  In this section you can enter your meals and it will calculate according to the food pyramid what foods you need to eat more of and which ones you should eat less of. 5/7/2014Patrick Brown 9-5 Workout

 With this feature, you can enter activities you’ve done and it will calculate how many calories you’ve burned after. May it be an hour jog at the gym or a walk from meeting room to meeting room, you can see how much work you’ve actually completed. 9-5 focuses on the idea even if you work a 9-5 job and have no time to work you, you can still focus on how active you’re being. Exercise 9-5 5/7/2014Patrick Brown 9-5 Workout

 With the calorie feature, you can enter food or meals you’ve eaten and it will calculate you’re total calorie intake. Here you can also choose to compare calories burned with calories added in order to keep track of your weight. Calories 5/7/2014Patrick Brown 9-5 Workout

9-5 Workout and You  Obesity and poor health is a major concern here in the United States and for a lot of people else where, so with this app we hope to make it easy for people to stay in good health.  It brings a whole new idea that living life is a work out and people can turn their daily lives into a work out plan. 5/7/2014Patrick Brown 9-5 Workout http:// www.y outube .com/ watch? v=dQ WWLD si5xY

Where do you sign up?  9-5 Workout will be available for free download for smart phones and other places it is compatible.  iPhone  iPad  Droids  Ect. 5/7/2014Patrick Brown 9-5 Workout

 Once downloaded, no sign up is needed, just start the app and start the process of better health. The app is specific to your phone, this means it will remember all your entries even when the app is closed, this also means you can go back to days prior for references. The three features will be available as it opens, just click on each to use it. 9-5 Workout 5/7/2014Patrick Brown 9-5 Workout

9-5 Workout Diet Exercise Calories 9-5 Workout will be proposed to common application outlets in order for it to reach the masses. This application is not meant for one type of person but for anyone who needs help keeping their health in check. Health concerns are major in the United States, as of now that is the main focus, once we see success between the app and peoples health, it will be revised to serve as many people as it can. 5/7/2014Patrick Brown 9-5 Workout

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