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Published on March 21, 2014

Author: Henry123456789

Source: slideshare.net

Experimental Photography Henry Paul 1

Double Exposure

Use this slide to annotate your final image

• I have created many multiple exposure images. I have stuck quite closely to my original plans. I think with the plans I made and the development throughout I managed to come up with some good looking images. I took many pictures so I had lots of images to choose from. I thought of a couple of themes that could follow throughout my images. The theme for these images is trees. • To get the various images that I created I looked at images that I took on my camera and then shortlisted the good focus, nice looking images. I selected ones that would look good together as double exposure images. After finding two images that worked well together I would add a few more images depending on whether they needed it or whether they looked good. Some of my images incorporated multiple photographs to get my desired effect. • This sequence of images were made using pictures of some trees that I had taken in the woods of my local area. I had three images that I used to create the tree theme seen in the images above. I used a combination of landscapes and sky images to create the different effects. There weren’t much if any technical difficulties when creating these images. The hardest part was selecting images from the photographs I had taken that would actually have fit. I tried various different combinations until I found two images that fitted well together. • My final image for this collection eventually looked quite good. I personally don’t think it looks that professional but it does look somewhat unique. I think it seems to have quite an eerie feel to it. It almost looks like some kind of abandoned wasteland. The image itself consists of two photographs. One is of a quite orange sunset and it also has quite a few blues and grays. The other image is from within a wood on a hill. Its strongest aesthetic quality is the way the trees merge into the sky. It shows good contrast and makes the image look quite apocalyptic. I was fortunate to have taken these two images as they do seem to work quite well together. I would say a weaker point of the image would be the bottom part where you can see trees from the sun set picture. I think the image would look more consistent if it was just the vegetation of the wood floor. • To create the final image I completed a few quite simple steps. I chose the two desired images, I then combined them using a blend mode. I used the blend mode ‘darker colour’. After selecting the blend mode I change the exposure to make it look darker. Finally I lowered the opacity of the top layer which was the sunset and I had come up with my final image. I could have made this more technically sound if I had added a couple more effects to the images but I was trying to keep the editing down to a minimum because it already looked quite good as it was. I could have added another photograph to this image to add another aspect to it but I didn’t want to ruin the look it already had. • I think that this image does look quite interesting and experimental even though it has quite simplistic technicalities. The shadows from the trees create good lines for your eyes to follow they also give the ground a bit of curvature, making the image more surreal. The orange/brown floor almost reflects the sky and contrasts well with the rest of the image. I think its also quite interesting because you can see some parts of the original green colour in the trees but they seem to stand out more and they look although they have been edited with a HDR effect. I stuck quite closely to my original plans throughout this sequence of images and they did turn out better than I imagined they would. I think I took this idea as far as I could and managed to create a consistent theme throughout. They only kept a consistent quality because of the images I had originally took as appose to the editing. 4

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