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Published on January 22, 2008

Author: Tommaso

Source: authorstream.com

A Revolution in Textiles:  A Revolution in Textiles The introduction of the Spinning Jenny Water Wheel Power Loom The Domestic System:  The Domestic System The Domestic System was the way in which textiles (clothes, blankets, fabrics) were made Wool was brushed and prepared for spinning then transported to homes to be spun by girls It was then taken to another location to be woven then sold to clothes makers This process was very labor intensive and inefficient Wool was being produced faster than the spinners could spin it which created a bottleneck that could only be solved by improving the technology of spinning The Spinning Jenny:  The Spinning Jenny Created by James Hargreaves It allowed eight threads to be spun and later upwards of eighty Drastically reduced the amount of work needed to produce spindles This was the first step in clearing the bottleneck in the domestic system The Water Frame:  The Water Frame Invented by Richard Arkwright Powered the spinning frames that spun the wool into thread The need for labor was reduced because the power of the water frame was greater than what humans could produce The need for labor went down, production went up At first only one spindle was created at a time until the spinning jenny and the water frame were combined by Samuel Crompton The Power Loom:  The Power Loom Invented by Edmund Cartwright Originally ran on water power which limited its use to riverside locations but later with the perfection of the steam engine was able to be used in city locations The purpose of a loom is to weave the thread that had previously been spun into a fabric which would then be used to make the finished textile product

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