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Published on November 2, 2007

Author: Justine

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You’ve Got to Dig Deep to Find the Right People:  You’ve Got to Dig Deep to Find the Right People Sherrill Ornberg Executive Director North Suburban Emergency Communication Center Objectives of the Process:  Objectives of the Process Screen applicants for suitability & ability to perform dispatch functions Determine any “show-stoppers” Inform applicants of restrictions & the requirements of the position Bottom line: Find the right people for the job! Stages of Testing:  Stages of Testing Orientation & Initial Screening Tests Job Simulation & Typing Test Oral Boards Background Investigation Polygraph Testing Psychological Exam Medical and Drug Screening Pre-Testing Preparation:  Pre-Testing Preparation Select an appropriate test site Advertise the position with fee Create master list of applicants Order any outsourced tests Prepare handouts Ask staff members to help with testing Orientation:  Orientation Job Description Benefit Package Reality Check Realistic explanation of what the Emergency Communication’s profession entails Make applicants aware of the negatives of the job Emphasize attendance requirements Initial Screening Tests:  Initial Screening Tests Initial Screening Wonderlic Test Press Test C.P.P. The results of the these tests are combined and represent 5% of final score Wonderlic Personnel Test:  Wonderlic Personnel Test Wonderlic Examples: REAP is the opposite of obtain, 2. cheer, 3. continue, 4. exist, 5. sow Paper clips sell for 23 cents per box. What will 4 boxes cost? MINER MINOR Do these words have similar meanings, have contradictory meanings, mean neither the same or opposite? Press Test:  Press Test Three timed sections: Measure the applicant’s reaction time Checks for the ability to process dissimilar information and color blindness Comprehensive Personality Profile Test (C.P.P.):  Comprehensive Personality Profile Test (C.P.P.) Does our shoe fit your foot? Tests for overall compatibility with the objectives of the department Uses applicant’s responses to rate the following trait and behaviors: Emotional Intensity Intuition Need for Recognition Sensitivity Assertiveness Trust Exaggeration Job Simulation (50% of score):  Job Simulation (50% of score) Applicant’s ability to pick out the important points of verbal statements Listening & comprehension skills Screens for dyslexia Verbal clarity Ability to multi-task Ability to clearly discern two or more separate overlapping information sources Job Simulation (cont.):  Job Simulation (cont.) Information Collection (Who, What, Where, When, Why) The rain came down so hard this afternoon that the intersection flooded and Joe’s car stalled. Hear, Write and Recite Spelling Numeric Sequences Alpha/Numeric Sequences Check for Common Sense Job Simulation (cont.):  Job Simulation (cont.) The most important portion of this test is the component that determines the ability of the applicant to hear and comprehend two different sources of information simultaneously! Strongly recommend the applicant take notes Two elementary stories are interspersed 40 specific questions on both stories Multi-Story Test (cont.):  Multi-Story Test (cont.) -Bobby Joe Bear lived in the forest. It was a big forest with lots of trees and lakes and streams. -TRAIN, TRAIN… -It was Spring and he had just awakened from his winter nap. -WHOO, WHOO… -Bobby Joe had not eaten all winter and he was very hungry so he went to look for some food. -DO YOU HEAR THE TRAIN? -Bobby Joe found some berries but the berries were very small, -IS IT A FREIGHT TRAIN? -not a meal for a big bear like him! -IS IT A COAL TRAIN? -Bobby Joe found some mushrooms but the mushrooms tasted funny. Multi-Tasking Test (cont.):  Multi-Tasking Test (cont.) Bobby Joe Bear What was the name of the main character? Where did he live? What season was it? What did Bobby Joe eat? Train What kind of sound did the train make? What were the different types of trains? Oral Boards (45% of score):  Oral Boards (45% of score) Three Members of Management Staff Do not discuss impressions until all members have completed scoring Total the three scores and divide by 3 Questions relate to: Employment history and attendance Reasons the applicant wants this job Applicant’s view of themselves, their current job performance and expectations of the dispatcher job requirements Applicant’s goals and objectives Backgrounds & Outside Testing:  Backgrounds & Outside Testing Background investigations Polygraph testing Psychological Exam Medical and Drug Screening Keeping the Good Ones:  Keeping the Good Ones Finding the Right People is only the beginning, now you have to keep them! Provide a comfortable working environment Recognize that emergency communications is a difficult, high stress occupation Provide both initial and on-going training Treat them as professionals, not clerical staff or “just dispatchers” Slide18:  Halloween In the Center Slide19:  Halloween in the Center Slide20:  Christmas in the Center Slide21:  If your emergency communications staff members don’t do their job right, then it doesn’t matter how good the police or fire departments are. Most first points of contact begin with the individual that answers the 9-1-1 call. Quality employees are your most valuable assets. Contacts:  Contacts Profile Evaluations, Inc. 2276 Bayless Blvd., Suite 3 Dayton Beach, FL 32114 (386) 239-3514 www.pei-911.com Provides package which contains Comprehensive Personality Profile Press Test Wonderlic Personnel Test Need Help?:  Need Help? Sherrill Ornberg 847 391-5308 sornberg@desplaines.org

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