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Published on March 27, 2008

Author: WoodRock

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General Meeting:  General Meeting Welcome! Please sign in, grab some food, and fill out the Buddy Program information sheet. What is APALSA?:  What is APALSA? APALSA is whatever you want it to be. APALSA is affiliated with::  APALSA is affiliated with: South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) Pilipino American Law Students (PALS) Korean American Law Students Association (KALSA) APALSA strongly supports: Asian Law Journal (ALJ) – One of only two journals in the country dedicated to critical Asian American legal scholarship. Coalition for Diversity – THE organization for progressive political activism at Boalt, dealing with issues from admissions policy to faculty hiring. Check them out! APALSA’s goals for 2004-2005:  APALSA’s goals for 2004-2005 Develop a strong, conscious, and cohesive pan-Asian Pacific American community at, and to last beyond, Boalt Hall. Continue to support the cause of anti-racism at Boalt Hall by engaging the APA community with other students of color. Help safeguard the sanity of APA 1Ls during what may soon reveal itself to be the worst year of their academic careers. Have a massively good time, subsidized by state money (no thanks to the Governator). Some of APALSA’s planned events for 2004-2005:  Some of APALSA’s planned events for 2004-2005 Pure fun! Annual Ski Extravaganza, Napa Wine Tour, Bowling Tournament, etc. And really just lots of hanging out, to the extent you want to. Professional assistance, such as the 1L Summer Job Panel – Get the straight dope from wise 2Ls on your summer job search, with none of the obfuscation and hidden agendas you will soon come to expect from “official” sources. Buddy Program – Get to know one special 2L/3L much too well. Trivia Bowl – As seen at your last high school and in Better Luck Tomorrow. Help out the outside community and gain some valuable experience by participating in the Immigration Clinic. Who is in APALSA?:  Who is in APALSA? Asian Pacific American students at Boalt. Non-APA supporters of an enlightened pan-ethnic future of California and the United States. Some of the best and worst students at Boalt Hall. Good friends for good times. Good friends for bad times. Everyone is welcome. Board Introductions :  Board Introductions CO-CHAIRS/Asian Despots IRENE LEE Chicago, IL Mount Holyoke 2001 Enjoys sleeping, eating, and drinking beer. Got kicked out of kindergarten twice for crying too much. DAVID C. YANG Taiwan + Monterey Park + OC UC Berkeley 1999 Former EIC of Hardboiled on the lower campus. No engineering talent whatsoever, so giving this law thing a try. Still reminisces about the early to mid 90s, “the golden age of metal.” Slide9:  SEEMA PATEL Mission Viejo, CA UC Berkeley 2000 Chair of SALSA, former union organizer, dancing queen. “Quirky Fact about Me:  I know Dave Yang pretty well (and am STILL friends with him).” PALS/COMM’NS CHERYL GALINDO Scripps 2001 Co-Chair of PALS Enjoys dancesport, and international law. Board Introductions SALSA/PUBLICITY Board Introductions :  Board Introductions SOCIAL CHAIRS EUGENE CHOO Fairfield, CA UC Berkeley 2003 (7 year plan) Semi-retired DJ. Delinquent. Co-Chair of KALSA. JUNE YI Millbrae, CA Williams 2002 "I like candy... A LOT. I like girly drinks (because they taste kind of like candy)." Recently had four teeth pulled out. Slide11:  LIZ YI NIE Beijing + Brooklyn, NY Princeton 2002 Enjoys white wine, Winnie the Pooh, The Newlyweds. She answers to Lizita-Pita, Lizard, Lizabrat, Piglet, the Toppler, Nie Big, Head Junior, and BC. Board Introductions RECRUITMENT CHAIRS HENRY LAU Brooklyn, NY Yale 2000 Enjoys martial arts.. fighting the good fight. He is also very flexible, which ladies appreciate. SHIAO CHIEN Alamo, CA Stanford 2002 Enjoys dancing, movies and a good book. Interested in international law and health law. Slide12:  LILY ZHANG Santa Monica, CA Cornell 2003 Went to same high school and had same teacher as Carson Daly. Also sat on Baron Davis's lap once. Board Introductions EMPLOYMENT CHAIRS EMILY PAN Cedar Knolls, NJ Stanford 2002 A gourmand and former violinist, Emily enjoys trashy tabloid magazines, working out, beachgoing, photography, shopping (i.e. shoes), and using foul language.  She is the worst bowler ever and does not know how to ride a bike. Board Introductions :  Board Introductions CAMPUS AFFAIRS PRISCA BAE Chicago, IL (suburbs of) Columbia 2000 Enjoys travel, politics, social justice, feminism, cooking, reality dating TV, cheap pedicures, and muddled drinks. She has a cat named Salmon, who currently resides with her parents back in Chicago. KATIE OYAMA New York, NY Smith 1999 Enjoys candy, dance, theater, social welfare policy, IP, and Buidoi Nation Building. She hopes to become the first female Commissioner of the NBA! Board Introductions :  Board Introductions EXTERNAL AFFAIRS SUNNY LU Palos Verdes, CA UC Berkeley 2003 Enjoys politics at all levels, regional food, and tap dancing Winner of 2003-2004 Most in Need of Friendster Intervention Award COMMUNITY SERVICE WANDA HASADSRI Central Valley, CA UC Berkeley 2003 Phoenix Fellow. Really loves The Matrix. Board Introductions :  Board Introductions TREASURER GRACE “Crime Lord” KIM Walnut, CA UC Berkeley 2002 Enjoys travel, naps, and art. Wrote a memo about Tupac for job this summer. Once tore left earlobe in half from tugging on an earring. ACADEMIC CHAIR STEFANI DELLI QUADRI Granada Hills, CA UCLA 2002 Enjoys sleeping, watching TV, and eating. She loves Alias, the OC and Nip/Tuck. She studied in Bologna, Italy for a year and is fluent in Italian. Board Introductions :  Board Introductions CONFERENCE CHAIRS ELLIE KIM Hawaii UC San Diego 2003 Enjoys photography, flute, and travel. “Some people tell me I’m random...Whatever they mean by that!” CELINA LEE Korea + Orange County MIT 2001 Enjoys travel, music, and cooking ANDREW LEE NY, NY Cornell 1999 Enjoys music, sports, technology and travel New member introductions:  New member introductions Name Home town/College An interesting fact about yourself, your favorite movie, or your favorite musician Let’s get down to business:  Let’s get down to business Angel Island – Tentatively scheduled for this Sat. 9/4, but it’s Labor Day weekend. We’ll do it if there’s sufficient interest – sign up after the meeting. Buddy Program – Please turn in your information sheets after the meeting or later to Henry Lau’s locker (#488). 1L Reps – Be on the board! We need 2-3 1Ls to be historians and to assist the External Chair. Email dcyang@berkeley.edu with a short statement of interest. Dues – $20/semester, or $30/year, but check out what you get ... APALSA Member Benefits:  APALSA Member Benefits Subsidized Events – APALSA events are open to everyone, but members pay less! Exclusive Access to the APALSA Office/Club House – Complete with fridge, microwave, closet, couches. Buddy Program – A seasoned 2L/3L buddy at your beck and call. Official APALSA T-Shirt – New design to intimidate all other law school club t-shirts. New this year: women’s sizes available. APALSA Outline Bank and Library of Study Aids And a Sense of Deep Personal Gratification Next Steps/Upcoming Events:  Next Steps/Upcoming Events Sign up! Angel Island sign up sheet Dues $30 (w/ shirt size) / Grace Kim’s locker (#478) Buddy Program info sheet / Henry Lau’s locker (#488) 1L Rep statement / email dcyang@berkeley.edu Wed. 9/1 Immigration Clinic Training Sat. 9/4 Angel Island (tentative) Sat. 9/11 Buddy Picnic Check out the complete calendar at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/apalsa_at_boalt/cal

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