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Published on August 30, 2007

Author: BAWare


Traveling the Medicine Wheel: A Holistic Model for Counseling and Development:  Traveling the Medicine Wheel: A Holistic Model for Counseling and Development Presented by Louis A. Busacca, M.Ed., NCC, PC Jeffrey Bergen, M.Ed., LPCC Medicine Wheel as Holistic Tool:  Medicine Wheel as Holistic Tool Focus on prevention as well as intervention Developmental Builds on strengths and assets Integrates body, mind, and spirit to live more fully within the human and natural community (Myers, Sweeney, andamp; Witmer, 2000) Emerging Perspectives on Nature & Emotional Health:  Emerging Perspectives on Nature andamp; Emotional Health Biophilia Research (Human-Environment Research, Social Ecology) Ecopsychology, Environmental/philosophic movement Environmental Ethics Definitions: Attempt to merge psychology and ecology The study of the psychological problems resulting from Western-Industrial culture’s increasing distance from nature (or natural processes’). The use of nature (immersion in nature) for healing. Notable Contributions to Ecopsychology:  Notable Contributions to Ecopsychology Paul Shepard – 'Nature and Madness' Thomas Berry – 'The Dream of the Earth' Warwick Fox – 'Transpersonal Ecology' Theodore Roszak – 'The Voice of the Earth' 'Walking in Balance on Earth' Native American Ritual:  Native American Ritual How do NA seek closeness and union with spirit? Purpose: Shaping, expressing and maintaining relationships Facilitating change by marking transitions (e.g., ceremony) Native American Myth:  Native American Myth What part of sacred stories play in NA religion? Narrative and storytelling dissolves boundaries between people, people and nature, spirit and body Native American Society:  Native American Society How does NA spirituality work Itself out in the world? Value placed on the welfare of the group as a whole. World View - Pantheistic (deity/spirit present in, as well as beyond, everything). Native American Experience:  Native American Experience What is the nature of religious experience in NA religion? Individual experience of Spirit was central Religious guidance was provided by the medicine people Vision quest, fasts, sweat lodge, ceremonies, sundance Strengthening of the individual for good of the people The Concept of Spirituality:  The Concept of Spirituality Spirituality as a Task of Life (Mosak andamp; Dreikurs, 1967) Relationship to God, Religion, Relationship to the Universe, Metaphysical Issues, and Meaning of Life. Wheel of Wellness (Witmer andamp; Sweeney, 1992) Spirituality represents a fundamental sense of oneness in the inner life and with others, purposiveness or meaning in life, hope or optimism, and moral values nurturing one’s own well-being and that of others. Totem Symbols as Tools for Growth:  Totem Symbols as Tools for Growth Native Americans personified intangible forces by drawing comparisons with nature and with the animal, plant, and mineral world. NA observed the individual habits of each species and became aware of their different temperaments and personalities. Totems become psychological symbols and spirit helpers to Native Americans. Relation to the Earth:  Relation to the Earth 'NA value highly life on earth, and their religion supports their existence in this world. The whole spirit of their religion is one of harmony, vitality and appreciation of the world around them.' (Ake Hultkrantz, Native Religions of North America) Medicine Wheel as Manifestation of NA World View & Culture :  Medicine Wheel as Manifestation of NA World View andamp; Culture To NA, medicine meant more than a substance. Medicine is a vital 'power' or energy force inherent in nature. A person’s medicine was the expression of their own life energy system. Medicine wheel meant a circle of generated energy and knowledge-personal empowerment generated from a source within. Transition to an Ecological Worldview:  Transition to an Ecological Worldview Epistemology Industrial Age Ecological Age Operationalism Constructivism Reductionism Reduction andamp; Integration Theology andamp; Religion Nature as background Animism Monotheism, Atheism Polytheism, Panentheism Adapted from: Metzner, R. (1999). Green psychology. Rochester, VT: Park Street Press. Transition to an Ecological Worldview:  Transition to an Ecological Worldview The Role of the Human Industrial Age Ecological Age Conquest of nature Living as part of nature Anthropocentric Biocentric, Ecocentric Nature as instrumental value Nature as intrinsic value Education andamp; Research Specialized disciplines Integrative disciplines Value-free knowledge pursued values explicated Adapted from: Metzner, R. (1999). Green psychology. Rochester, VT: Park Street Press.

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