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Published on December 29, 2007

Author: ozturk


Slide1:  Header Navbar         Navigation create content recent posts news aggregator recent User login Username: * Password: * Create new account Request new password Popular content Today's: Uses of Blogs Gatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production 'Anyone Can Edit': Understanding the Produser - Guest Lecture at SUNY, Buffalo / New School, NYC / Brown Univ. / Temple Univ. All time: Uses of Blogs Gatewatching: Collaborative Online News Production 'Anyone Can Edit': Understanding the Produser - Guest Lecture at SUNY, Buffalo / New School, NYC / Brown Univ. / Temple Univ. Last viewed: Wikinews: The Next Generation of Online News? - Association of Internet Researchers Conference, Chicago The Reflective Practitioner Teaching Global Citizenship Browse archives « December 2007   Home view links Club Bloggery 9: Not Funny Submitted by Snurb on Wed, 05/12/2007 - 12:46. Blogs | Participatory Journalism and Citizen Engagement | Politics | Club Bloggery The election may be over, but our Club Bloggery series for ABC Online continues unabated for now (if perhaps at a pace more commensurate with the impending summer holidays). This week, we take a look back in some degree of anger at the 'just kidding' defence for political stunts gone wrong, which was employed several times during the campaign. Barry, Jason, and I have now posted the article at ABC Online and on our group blog Gatewatching. Not Funny By Axel Bruns, Jason Wilson, and Barry Saunders One of the most prominent recurring features of the long election campaign we've just put behind us were our politicians' and journalists' usually ill-fated moves to attempt the humour defence whenever some political stunt or statement didn't pay off. We saw this first with Labor's star recruit Peter Garrett, who was reported to have said "once we get in, we'll just change it all" in what he was later at pains to describe as a "short and jocular" conversation with Channel Nine personality Richard Wilkins and talk radio shock jock Steve Price. » read more | Snurb's blog | add new comment | 126 reads First Responses to From Production to Produsage Submitted by Snurb on Wed, 28/11/2007 - 12:09. Produsers and Produsage | Publications                                             As we get closer to the release date for my upcoming book Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life and Beyond: From Production to Produsage, I'm now starting to deal with the tail end of the production process - finalising the cover image and organising the back cover text. Having featured comments from John Hartley and Geert Lovink on the back cover of my last monograph, I aimed high with this one as well, and I'm very pleased that both MIT's Henry Jenkins, one of the most eminent scholars in the field of user-led participatory culture, and Michel Bauwens, the driving force behind the inspiring Foundation for P2P Alternatives, have agreed to endorse the new book. And what endorsements they are - I'm very flattered, and I hope the book lives up to these plaudits. Axel Bruns's far-reaching and conceptually powerful book, From Production to Produsage, captures a shift in cultural logic which is profoundly altering how culture gets produced, how knowledge gets circulated, how reputations get made, and how industry, politics, and education operate. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to know more about Wikipedia, Second Life, eBay, Flickr, Moveon, or YouTube, in short, for anyone who wants to understand the turn towards participatory culture. -- Henry Jenkins, author of Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide » read more | Snurb's blog | add new comment | 175 reads The Time Has Come, and All Is Well Submitted by Snurb on Tue, 27/11/2007 - 00:46. Blogs | Gatewatching and Online News | Politics Absolutely nothing unexpected happened on the weekend. Absolutely nothing unexpected has happened since: though slow to work out which way the wind blows, Dennis Shanahan, Paul Kelly and colleagues at the former (and future?) Government Gazette have skipped nary a beat in switching to singing the praises of Kevin the Rudd. Only Glenn Milne seems to have missed the memo - he's still working on his hagiography of 'poor' Peter Costello. Oh, and Caroline Overington, of course, who is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Two new entries for David Silver's 'Gone Gallery', then:                                                                                                                 » read more | Snurb's blog | add new comment | 178 reads Club Bloggery 8: Scoring the e-lection Submitted by Snurb on Mon, 26/11/2007 - 23:21. Blogs | Gatewatching and Online News | Participatory Journalism and Citizen Engagement | Politics | Club Bloggery Just before the Australian federal election last Saturday, we managed to get our latest Club Bloggery piece out to ABC Online. It's now been eclipsed by more recent developments, of course, but still offers a pretty good overview of the campaign for (online) hearts and minds that was. Read it at our group blog Gatewatching, or at the ABC. Scoring the e-lection By Jason Wilson, Barry Saunders, and Axel Bruns This close to the election, it's customary for newspapers to recommend a vote one way or the other. We're not about to do that at Club Bloggery (although we would recommend thinking about the candidate who's been more responsive and available to your community), but we can do a summary of who has made the best running on the Internet, and understood and used its possibilities best. » read more | Snurb's blog | add new comment | 150 reads Produsage Book Update Submitted by Snurb on Tue, 20/11/2007 - 17:53. Produsers and Produsage | Travel | Publications                                             It's been a while since I've posted anything about my produsage book project - the last update I gave simply consisted of some quick stats about the continuing writing process when I was still on sabbatical with the Comparative Media Studies group at MIT in Boston. Back then, for those of you keeping count, I was almost a fortnight into writing the book itself (following months of research and preparation), and had written about 150,000 words; after another few days, the complete first draft of the manuscript weighed in at a slightly frightening 190,000 words - at that time, something of a worry for a book that was contracted to be around 130,000 words or 325 pages. Working with some excellent advice from the tireless Steve Jones (who edits the Digital Formations series which the book will be part of) and the good folks at Peter Lang, I'm happy to report that I managed cut the text by what's roughly the equivalent of an MA thesis, and have squeezed the manuscript down to around 165,000 words or almost exactly 400 pages. This wasn't the easiest or happiest process (I love writing, but hate editing), but I'm extremely pleased with the final outcome, and comments from those few colleagues who have read the full manuscript as it now stands have been incredibly positive (more on this over the next few weeks). I've now updated the information about the book on this Website, and I've also uploaded the introductory chapter of the book to give you an idea what it's all about. We've settled on the title Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life and Beyond: From Production to Produsage now, and we're looking to use one of Ann's paintings as the cover image. » read more | Snurb's blog | 1 comment | 250 reads Club Bloggery 7: Election Flops on YouTube Submitted by Snurb on Fri, 16/11/2007 - 16:00. Blogs | Gatewatching and Online News | Participatory Journalism and Citizen Engagement | Politics | Streaming Media | Club Bloggery | Television Jason Wilson, Barry Saunders, and I have now posted the seventh instalment of our ABC series Club Bloggery, covering the online dimensions of the Australian election campaign. Just to mix things up a bit, this week we had a look at what's been happening on YouTube over the past few weeks, and found that (perhaps unsurprisingly) the more interesting developments are in DIY campaign advertising and mash-ups. Plenty of links included with the story, which we've also posted to our group blog Gatewatching - I encourage you to see for yourselves! Election Flops on YouTube By Axel Bruns, Jason Wilson, and Barry Saunders In an election campaign as drawn out as this, you'd have to have excellent memory to remember the hype around John Howard's use of YouTube to make policy announcements. Some months ago, the media were all over the story - but unfortunately for the Prime Minister, much like the widely-predicted poll 'narrowing', the YouTube effect has been missing in action. That's not to say that YouTube and similar sites haven't played a role in the campaign - but certainly not to the extent they've already featured in the U.S. presidential primaries, where debates between the candidates on either side of the political divide have invited citizens to pose their questions via YouTube, and where some politicians even announced their intention to run for President on the site. » read more | Snurb's blog | add new comment | 281 reads Citizen Journalism beyond the Tactical Moment, Blogging with an Australian Accent, and Other Upcoming Publications Submitted by Snurb on Thu, 15/11/2007 - 16:10. AoIR 2006 | Blogs | Gatewatching and Online News | Participatory Journalism and Citizen Engagement | Politics | Streaming Media | Publications | Television                             Digital Media and Democracy: Tactics in Hard Times I'm very happy that a few of the articles and chapters I've worked on throughout the year are now coming close to publication. One of them is a chapter in Digital Media and Democracy: Tactics in Hard Times, a book edited by Megan Boler for MIT Press; my contribution is based on one of my papers for the AoIR conference last year and explores the possibilities for citizen journalism beyond the tactical moment, as it transcends the industrial journalism/citizen journalism two-tier structure first described (though not exactly in those terms) by Herbert Gans so many years ago. Will citizen journalism remain tactical, and thus perhaps excuse itself from attempting to exert a more permanent, strategic influence on public life? Will it 'sell out' and go mainstream? Or is there a third, hybrid option which retains its strengths as a bottom-up movement while developing more permanent, sustainable forms? My suggestion in the chapter (which I've called "Gatewatching, Gatecrashing: Futures for Tactical News Media") is that we may see a development of citizen journalism that's not unlike the trajectory charted by the evolution of extra-parliamentary opposition groups in 1970s Europe into credible political alternatives (and here especially the Greens parties). As a German, the obvious case in point for me is the career of Joschka Fischer from street protester to German Foreign Minister, ultimately commanding grudging respect even from old political enemies - and in citizen journalism, I think we're beginning to see the potential for similar transformations. In the chapter, I do go so far as to call OhmyNews' founder Oh Yeon-ho "the South Korean Joschka Fischer of journalism", though with tongue in cheek - guess you'll have to wait for the book to come out to see whether you agree with me on that one. It's now listed for pre-order on Amazon. » read more | Snurb's blog | add new comment | 357 reads Call for Papers: M/C Journal 'citizen' Issue Submitted by Snurb on Mon, 12/11/2007 - 16:04. M/C Journal Today I posted the call for papers for the first issue of M/C Journal in 2008 - 'citizen', edited by Jason Wilson and Barry Saunders: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 12 Nov. 2007 M/C - Media and Culture is calling for contributors to the 'citizen' issue of M/C Journal M/C Journal is looking for new contributors. M/C is a crossover journal between the popular and the academic, and a blind- and peer-reviewed journal. In 2008, M/C Journal celebrates its tenth anniversary. » read more | Snurb's blog | add new comment | 355 reads Recent Press and Opinion Submitted by Snurb on Sat, 10/11/2007 - 22:29. Publications Here are some recent opinion pieces I've published, as well as interviews and press coverage related to various aspects of my research. Opinion Club Bloggery (an ABC Online series with Jason Wilson and Barry Saunders, covering the 2007 Australian federal election) Not Funny (Axel Bruns, Jason Wilson, and Barry Saunders) Published at ABC Online, 3 Dec. 2007, and in an extended version at Gatewatching, 5 Dec. 2007. » read more | add new comment | 329 reads Club Bloggery 6: Jumping the Shark Submitted by Snurb on Sat, 10/11/2007 - 19:39. Blogs | Gatewatching and Online News | Politics | Club Bloggery We've now published the next instalment of our Club Bloggery series at ABC Online and on our Gatewatching group blog. After four long weeks of the election campaign proper, and many more months of pre-election scuffles, this time we couldn't hold back any more and finally decided to 'go' The Australian for its atrociously partisan and misleading coverage of the election. And from the comments the piece has received on the ABC site and elsewhere, it looks like we're not the only ones to think so... Kudos to the ABC subbies, who found the appropriate image to go with an article titled "Jumping the Shark"! Jumping the Shark By Jason Wilson, Axel Bruns, and Barry Saunders Collectively, the writers here at Club Bloggery have been watching the Australian political blogosphere for years. We know that the bloggers who have perhaps been most important and prominent down under are psephologists - specialist electoral statisticians who try to understand and analyse polls, and consider the interlocking numbers games of electoral politics. » read more | Snurb's blog | add new comment | 274 reads 123456789…next ›last » Recent Work Recorded Talks Investigating the Impact of the Blogosphere: Using PageRank to Determine the Distribution of Attention (AoIR 2007) more Papers and Articles Preparing for an Age of Participatory News (Journalism Practice 1.3) more Opinion and Press Hi-Tech Carrots to Tempt Generation C more Creative Work Iceworld CD more Recent Books                          Virtual Nation: The Internet in Australia Gatewatching Club Bloggery 9: Not Funny Club Bloggery the 8th - Scoring the e-lection Club Bloggery 7: Election Flops on YouTube Club Bloggery Part 6 - Jumping the Shark more Youdecide2007                   tags Blogroll Jean Burgess Mel Gregg Joanne Jacobs Jaz Choi Larvatus Prodeo Gatewatching Michelle & Heather Alex Halavais Jill Walker Suw Charman Mark Deuze Stephen Quinn Trevor Cook Trebor Scholz Mark Pesce Robert Fitzgerald Robert Fripp Sid Smith News Feeds News dpa [de] Deutsche Welle [de] Süddeutsche [de] BBC [en] CNN [en] ABC [en] Brisbane Times [en] SMH [en] Tech Slashdot [en] Openflows [en] heise news [de] Wired News [en] Many to Many [en] Culture M/C Reviews [en] M/C Dialogue [en] Trendwatching [en] Springwise [en] Kuro5hin [en] Plastic [en] Telepolis [de] Music DGMLive [en] New Releases Hot Tickles DGM Diaries Prog News [en] Prog Archives [en] more Technorati Syndicate             Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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