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Published on August 14, 2018

Author: sapiensias


Anthropology Crash Course: Anthropology Crash Course Welcome to Sapiens IAS: Welcome to Sapiens IAS Sapiens IAS exam training institute is an educational institution in the field of civil service examination under UPSC successfully running for more than a decade. It presently offers Online and Offline Anthropology Optional Coaching, Zoology Optional Coaching, Anthropology Test Series, and Zoology Test Series under the guidance of Mr. Pradip Sarkar. Today sapiens IAS stands the best UPSC Coaching in Delhi for anthropology and zoology optional in the nation. We have produced hundreds of IAS, IPS, IFS , IRS etc. and in the last few consecutive years toppers in anthropology in UPSC exam has been from Sapiens IAS. Our Course Summary and Features: Our Course Summary and Features Complete coverage of the syllabus in a time bond manner. Framework based learning for presentation in the exam –an innovative learning technique, greatly useful for 3Fs i.e. Factual learning, Frame working or structuring, and Flow in presentation of facts. Meticulously designed, well organized and highly processed study materials enough for 300+ marks in anthropology. Students are provided with maximum examples, case studies, and current related data for value edition. Slide5: Regular evaluation of student’s performance through mandatory class tests and test series. Personal attention and feedback. Making biological part simpler, interesting, and thereby easy to grasp. Completely digital class hence no class be missed. Slide6: This course gives an exciting and lively introduction into the sphere of social anthropology. In summary, social anthropology is the study of how person gives significance to the world through various societal standards, principles, values and way of organization. Therefore, the part of the social anthropologist would be to research and understand different societies and cultures, and in so doing, to better understand their own worldview too. During crucial, sensitive discussion and investigation, students will develop the analytical abilities required to find the planet in an anthropological method to generate the odd familiar and the familiar strange. Anthropology Optional Crash Course Details: Anthropology Optional Crash Course Details Course Duration: 30 Day’s Course Mode: Online and Offline Starting from:  27th July

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