Antenatal health

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Information about Antenatal health

Published on September 30, 2015

Author: quantumdxs


1. 22nd September 2015 Quantum Diagnostics Sdn Bhd (Co no. 941541-V) L3-5, 3rd Floor Wisma Kemajuan No 2, Jalan 19/1B, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel : 1300-13-3522 ANTENATAL HEALTH PROFILE NAME (Code) TESTS DOCTOR’S PRICE TAT Antenatal Studies  ABO & Rh (D) RM32 24 Hrs (ANATAL1)  FBC  HBsAg & HBsAb  HIV I & II (Ag & Ab)  Rubella IgG  RPR (with titre and TPHA if reactive) Antenatal Studies 2  ABO & Rh (D) RM28 24 Hrs (ANATAL2)  FBC  HBsAg & HBsAb  HIV I & II (Ag & Ab)  RPR (with titre and TPHA if reactive) Antenatal Studies 3  ABO & Rh (D) RM18 24 Hrs (ANATAL3)  FBC  HBsAg & HBsAb  RPR (with titre and TPHA if reactive) Antenatal Studies 4  FBC RM16 24 Hrs (ANATAL4)  HBsAg & HBsAb  RPR (with titre and TPHA if reactive) Triple Test  AFP RM93 5 Working (Down Syndrome Screening)  Free ßHCG Days (TRIPLET)  Unconjugated Oestriol VerifiB  Verifi Basic RM2200 14 Working Days VerifiB5  Verifi Basic +5 RM2500 14 Working Days PANOB  Panorama Basic RM1950 14 Working Days PANOB1  Panorama Basic + 1 RM2450 14 Working Days PANOB5  Panorama Basic + 5 RM2750 14 Working Days Neonatal Studies (NEO)  ABO & Rh(D) RM22 24 Hrs  TSH  G6PD

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