Ansolar Solar Portable Generators Brochure V1 5 03 2007

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Information about Ansolar Solar Portable Generators Brochure V1 5 03 2007

Published on October 30, 2007

Author: ansolar



Dear Sir,
A & A DISTRIBUTION (AAD) is the global distribution entity of AN Group Of Companies. An Group focused on Renewable Energy Related Products distribution worldwide.
Among our products are solar cells, solar panels, solar water heaters, solar powered products, solar streetlights, solar parklights, solar decorative garden lights, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, portable solar generator, portable solar notebook charger, solar system individual components-solar controllers, inverters and batteries, human power system and wind generation systems.
We are aggressively appointing Country Distributors worldwide. You are welcome to become part of our global distribution network for mutual benefit.
Please contact us via email if you are interested to represent us in your country.
We will provide more information about our products and pricing upon your confirmation of interest to represent us.
Looking forward to work closely with you and your organization for mutual benefit.
Please visit our website at for further information.

A&A DISTRIBUTION, E-13A-11, Level 13A, Plaza Mon’t Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, Email:; SOLAR PORTABLE GENERATOR Product Solar Portable Generator Description: The application range is very wide. It is especially ideal for rural basic power, camping, travelling, troops, river ships and leisure on beach. And for the regions lack of power supplier, it’s the most convenient and economic choice. Models Available: 6 Models are available: 10W, 20W, 40W, 60W, 80W and 100W Accessories: Solar Panel, Controller, Inverter and Battery system. Specification for TD-20: 1. Equipped with 20W/12V solar panel, provides the capacity of AC220V/30W. 2. 12V/16AHBattery System inside. When fully charged, it can provide DC12V±2V/2A(8-10 working hours), AC220V、30W(8-10 working hours) 3. Indicator: There are three indicators in total (1) A Green Indicator turns on when under charging, and turns red when fully charged.

A&A DISTRIBUTION, E-13A-11, Level 13A, Plaza Mon’t Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, Email:; (2) A Blue Indicator turns in when PowerCase has AC output (3) A Green Indicator turns in when PowerCase has DC output 4. Over-Charge and Over-Discharge Protection (1)Charging Mode: When Battery Voltage≥14.4V, start Over-Charge protection (2)DisCharging Mode: When Battery Voltage≤10.8V, start Over-DisCharge protection Note: Under the discharging mode, when the Voltage reaches 10±0.3V,PowerCase Stops output. 5.Two Switches on the Panel to control AC/DC output. One is a 220V AC output and another is a 12V DC output, and they can work at the same time. 6. There is a Digital Voltage Meter on the panel, which can show the immediate DC voltage. And this value can be used to estimate the rest power in the PowerCase. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Power Power Power of of of Working Suitable common used PV lamp Inverter time Battery Dimension Weight Temp. home (W) (W) (W) (Hrs) (Ah) (M3) (KG) (°C) appliances(W) -25°- 10 15 150 12 9 0.40×0.31×0.12 10 +50° Fan(66) -25°- 20 15 150 12 16 0.40×0.31×0.12 10 21quot;TV(70) +50° Laptop(75) -25°- 40 35 300 12 34 0.56×0.31×0.16 20 energy-save +50° lamp(11) -25°- 60 50 500 12 51 0.56×0.54×0.20 27 Portable +50° VCDDVD(10) -25°- 80 70 500 12 68 0.67×0.57×0.22 42 DV/outdoor +50° lamp(20) -25°- 100 100 1000 12 100 0.87×0.54×0.22 52 +50°

A&A DISTRIBUTION, E-13A-11, Level 13A, Plaza Mon’t Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, Email:; A home lighting system driving up to 12V DC lamp(LED/Fluorescence) 2) A charger for fixed wireless phones, cellphones and small electronics gadgets Portable Solar Power 10W 3) A home power system driving 12V DC electrical fans, TVs and radios. 4) A camping power system driving small coolers and camping lanterns. 5) A handy field power system driving electric screwdrivers, electric drills, and soldering irons 6) 10W/20W multi-crystalline silicon (tempered glass encapsulated) 7) 12V/9Ah sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery Portable Solar Power 20W 8) Input: two separate charging outlets for sunlight or regular 110V/220V AC 9) Output: DC 12V outlet 1)PV(W): 40 2)Power of output(W): 35 Portable Solar Power 40W 3)Power of inverter(W): 300 4)Battery (Ah): 34 5)material of case: aluminium alloy 1)PV(W): 60 2)Power of output(W): 50 Portable Solar Power 60W 3)Power of inverter(W): 500 4)Battery (Ah): 51 5)material of case: aluminium alloy 1)PV(W): 80 2)Power of output(W): 70 Portable Solar Power 80W 3)Power of inverter(W): 500 4)Battery (Ah): 68 5)material of case: aluminium alloy 1)PV(W): 100 2)Power of output(W): 100 Portable Solar Power 100W 3)Power of inverter(W): 1000 4)Battery (Ah): 100 5)material of case: aluminium alloy

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