Annual Healthy Chicago 2013 Year In Review and Awards Presentation

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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: ChiPublicHealth



Commissioner Choucair presents the 2013 Year in Review of the Healthy Chicago Agenda.

Join us on Twitter and use #HealthyChicago to follow the conversation City of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Bechara Choucair, M.D. 1

2013 Year in Review March 4, 2014 Bechara Choucair, MD Commissioner Chicago Department of Public Health @choucair City of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel #HealthyChicago Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Bechara Choucair, M.D.

IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOR IT’S ABOUT HOW WE BEHAVE AS A CITY City of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Bechara Choucair, M.D.


Healthy Chicago Targets


Tobacco Victories • Increased Cigarette Tax • Banned Flavored Tobacco Sales Near Schools • Regulate E-Cigarettes 7

Tobacco Tax Increase • November, 2013 – $0.50 tax increase Total Tax in Effect by Year, Chicago $8.00 $7.17 $7.00 • Combined taxes now total $7.17 $6.00 $5.00 • Chicago has highest cigarette tax rate in the nation. City/County List Total State + Local Tax (Partial List) Chicago, IL New York City, New York Cook County, Illinois Bethel, Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Barrow, Alaska Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska Sitka, Alaska Juneau, Alaska Alexandria, Virginia Fairfax, Virginia Falls Church, Virginia Vienna, Virginia Hampton, Virginia Newport News, Virginia Norfolk, Virginia Dumfries, Virginia Middleburg, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Chesapeake, Virginia Portsmouth, Virginia (Per Pack) $6.16 $5.85 $4.98 $4.21 $4.206 $3.00 $3.00 $3.00 $3.00 $1.30 $1.15 $1.05 $1.05 $0.95 $0.95 $0.95 $0.90 $0.85 $0.84 $0.80 $0.80 $4.00 $3.00 $2.00 $1.00 $0.00 8

Ban of Flavored Tobacco Sales Near Schools • Report included over 25 policy recommendations at local, state and federal levels. • Adopted by Board in October 2013 • Submitted to Mayor in November 2013 • 4 Town Hall Meetings following Mayoral request • Over 200 residents, local and national content experts participated • Ordinance passed in December 2013 • Chicago is first City to include menthol in flavored tobacco regulations 9

Regulating Electronic Cigarettes Partners advocated for: • Keeping e-cigarettes behind counters • Prohibiting sales to minors • Requiring tobacco licenses for e-cigarette sales • Adding electronic smoking devices under the Clean Indoor Air Ordinance. January 15th passage of ordinance Aldermen noted they wanted to: • “stand with public health” and • “be on the right side of history” 10

Public Awareness Campaigns Reinforce Need for Change Take Pride, Leave Cigarettes generated 12,492,530 impressions BURNED by Menthol campaign generated 22,775,407 media impressions

More Smokers Seeking Cessation Support • 24,496 calls in 2013 • 10,000 more calls than 2012 • >73% of callers were African American or Hispanic • More than half were uninsured 12

More Smoke-Free Environments University of Illinois at Chicago became a Tobacco-Free Campus for total of: • • 5 smoke-free institutions of higher learning 6 smoke-free hospital campuses Chicago Housing Authority designated 2 new 100% smoke-free complexes for total of: • • 610 smoke-free units in six developments 3,250 units of private multi-unit housing 13

Chicago Leads the Nation The federal government is currently considering: • Cigarette tax increase • Stronger rules on menthol • Regulating electronic cigarettes Mayor Emanuel receiving African American Tobacco Leadership Council’s Visionary Elected Official Award 14


Obesity Successes • Increased access to healthy & affordable food • More opportunities for physical activity • Focus on CPS students 16

Increasing Access to Healthy Food Citywide Food Plan Healthy Vending • Healthy vending machines in all City buildings • Launched Healthy Vending Challenge • Build healthier neighborhoods • Grow food • Expand healthy food enterprises • Strengthen the food safety net • Serve healthy food and beverages • Improve eating habits • Follow efforts of Parks and CPS

Increasing Access to Healthy Food Produce Carts Urban Farms • 15 carts in neighborhoods for 2013 • 15 planned for 2014 • ~20 jobs created • 40 persons trained in retail sales Farmers for Chicago • Partnership with Growing Power • 5 acres of vacant lots available • Training for local farmers and help installing equipment • 15 acres overall operate as farms or breaking ground

Increased Opportunities for Physical Activity

Divvy Bike Share Program • • • • Dearborn St. Complete Street 2,035 bikes, 300 stations 12,133 annual memberships 131,984 24-hour passes 763,790 trips, >1.7 million miles Before After • 200 miles of on-street protected, buffered and shared bike lanes • More than 13,000 bike racks, and sheltered parking • A 645-mile network of biking facilities by 2020 will provide a provide a bicycle accommodation within half-mile of every Chicagoan.

• 61 events • 13,173 participants • Twice the number from 2012 .

Focus on CPS Students New PE policy requires • 30 minutes of daily PE (or 150 minutes weekly) at elementary schools • Daily PE for high schools $2.25M grant will support implementation .


• Keep Your Heart Partnership supported by GE Foundation Healthy Fit City • Focused at persons at risk for heart disease on African American and Latino communities • 1,128 CVD risk screenings, counseling, and referrals to community resources in 2013 • Expansion planned for 2014. • Healthy restaurant nutrition criteria • 70 restaurants participating citywide • 12 restaurants at Midway o 9 million visitors 24

Million Hearts Risk Check Challenge Winning app assesses risk for heart attack and stroke


Adolescent Health Improvements • New policies for sexual health • Expanded services for sexually transmitted infections • Strengthened focus on teen pregnancy 27

Sexual Health Education Access to HPV Vaccination February 2013 - Board of Education passed new Sex Ed policy: • Covers grades K-12 • Age appropriate • 3-year implementation plan • Over 550 teachers already trained May 2013 – State follows Chicago’s lead June 2013 – Healthy Chicago partners secure change in State rules allowing minors to consent to HPV vaccinations. 28

Expanded STI Education & Screening • From 4 to 42 schools since 2009/2010 • Over 25,000 educated • 16,201 screened • Over 1,700 positive and offered treatment 29

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Teen Outreach Program (TOP) • 3,000+ students in service learning clubs • 60,000+ hours of community service • More than 200 students trained as Peer Health Ambassadors. 30


HIV Prevention Efforts • Continued Surveillance Efforts • Strong Service Delivery Network • Expanding Condom Availability 32

In past 10 years, reported HIV/AIDS cases down by 46% and 43% respectively Youth only group continuing to see rise in new HIV infections Between 2000 and 2011, the percent of new HIV cases diagnosed with AIDS within 12 months declined from 37% to 25%. 84% of persons diagnosed with HIV in 2010 were linked to medical care within three months. Less than half of all people living with HIV are taking HIV medications or are virally suppressed.

• $36M in prevention, service and housing funding • Network of over 70 agencies • Bridge Worker pilot program • 60% of participants re-engaged in HIV care at Uptown and Englewood clinics HIV school notification law repealed

Increasing Access to Condoms Condoms in Schools Condom Distribution • Condom dispensers to be piloted at 23 CPS schools in 2014 • 15 schools targeted for 2015 Over 9 million condoms distributed at over 400 locations 35


Access to Care Improvements • Enroll Chicago Citywide Initiative • Expanded School-Based Services • Clinical Services Redesign 37

Leveraging City Resources for Insurance Enrollment • Over 500,000 uninsured • 400,000 eligible for coverage • Many can be reached through existing City service delivery mechanisms 38

Enroll Chicago • • • • • • • 108 librarians trained as resources 100+ enrolled at DCASE Artist event Nearly 700 enrolled at Family Service Centers 500+ CHA residents enrolled Events at City Colleges reaching over 400 young adults Children enrollment partnership just beginning Taxi driver enrollment support

Expanded Services for Students Vision Services Oral Health Services • 7% increase in students served • 121,479 students in 595 schools. • 356,736 sealants applied • Expansion to include CPS high schools. 225 schools; 21,357 exams; 13,689 glasses Investment increased to $2M to support 45,000 students in 2014 40

Successful Clinical Service Reforms Mental Health Reforms Primary Care Transition • 2,440 active clients, with capacity to serve 4,000 • $1M in funding to community partners for integrated behavioral health, substance abuse and HIV services to 5,000 residents • Partnered with HRDI and Thresholds to provide services at former sites. • Investing $500,000 to expand access with community partners resulting in more than 5,000 adult psychiatric uninsured & underinsured visits in first three quarters in 2013. • $4M IL Children's Healthcare Foundation investment in services for children . • 71,000 patient visits • Patient access up 33% • Greater service array

Healthy Mothers and Babies Successes • Progress Towards Baby-Friendly Hospitals • High-risk Pregnancy Transport Initiative • Service Integration Efforts

Baby-Friendly Hospitals Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3

Systems Improvements for Women and Children • ~28,000 pregnant women & infants enrolled in WIC with 125,000 visits Improved transport policies for high-risk pregnant women • 95% of WCH clients enrolled in both WIC and Family Case Management

$200,000 grant to Roseland Hospital will serve 1,500 women Beyond October provided over 1,300 free mammograms Advisory council members trained to be public spokespersons Emancipation of Health Disparities Townhall

Communicable Disease Prevention • Protecting Chicagoans Against Influenza • Strengthening Food Protection Efforts

Public Awareness Flu Shot App • • 2013 Over 62 million media impressions 5,341 unique clicks • 2012 7,353 clicks on app Ward offices, City Colleges and other sites proving free immunizations most popular

Supporting Food Trucks Foodborne Chicago • 52 licensed dispenser trucks • 22 licensed preparer trucks • CDPH provides inspections 2 days a week to bring trucks into compliance • • • • 2,355 tweets classified 281 tweets responded 205 reports submitted 144 inspections performed to date


Teen Dating Violence • 12 high need middle/high schools • 788 middle school students completed program • Parent training initiated • 13 Youth Brand Ambassadors trained. 24,723 calls supported . 53

Healthy Homes…. • Expanding Pharmaceutical DropOff Program • Strengthening Lead Poisoning Prevention Efforts • Battling Bed Bugs • Protecting Residents from Petcoke 55

Pharmaceutical Drop-off Program Continued Gains in Lead Poisoning • 5,340 housing units inspected prevention • Federal grant to support abatement • Ordinance enacted to ensure contractors are EPA compliant • Lead poisoning rates continue to drop Drop off sites expanded from 5 to all 23 police stations 56

Battling Bed Bugs Regulating Petroleum Coke • Community hearings • Regulation being drafted to enclose facilities • Ordinance to be introduced to ban new storage sites and expansion of existing sites • Ordinance took effect December 2013 . • Outlines landlord and tenant responsibilities • CDPH provides education and plan guidance 57

Infrastructure Advancements • Strengthening Partnerships • Advancing Health Through Technology • Increasing Capacities Through Accreditation

Partner Engagement • • February 2013 60 strategies 8 areas • • Community dialogues Focus on 2012 plan Focus on systems planning for oral health 16-member LGBT 16-member LGBT Health Advisory Council Health Advisory Council appointed appointed

Partnerships with Academic Medicine Childhood Asthma Gaps in Outcomes Trials CHICAGO Trials CDPH homes visits to reduce asthma triggers resulting in ED visits Constructing a data infrastructure for understanding diabetes in Chicago Combining resources to achieve meaningful use of electronic health records Using technology to support healthy eating for students and their families

Advancing Health Through Technology Data Availability Predictive Analytics • 20 new data sets on portal and Chicago Health Atlas • Atlas merges data sets to create profiles and maps • Optimizing food inspections • Predicting tobacco sales violations • Identifying vulnerable populations

• 1st big city and 1st Illinois local health department • Strengthens capacity to deliver services and implement Healthy Chicago "This is an important achievement and recognition that highlights the city of Chicago's ongoing commitment to health and wellness." - Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Healthy Chicago Efforts are Paying Off

Adult Smoking is Down 65

Youth Smoking is Down… 66

… and Taxes are Up 67

Obesity Rate Declines for Kindergarten-Aged Youth

HIV and AIDS Diagnoses Continue to Drop

HPV Coverage Levels Increasing 70

TB Cases at All Time Low 71

Next Steps • Continue Healthy Chicago Implementation • Launch Healthy Chicago 2.0 o Focus on Disparities o Community Town Halls o Partner Engagement and Expansion 72

Why Healthy Chicago is Making a Difference Partnerships Policies Public Awareness Technology and Innovation

City Participation is Growing

Healthy Chicago Partnerships are Primary

@ChiPublicHealth 312.747.9884

st 1 Annual Awards 78

Tobacco Cessation Respiratory Health Association Phoenix Matthews, PhD 79

Obesity Prevention Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children 80

HIV Prevention Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus 81

Adolescent Health Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force 82

Heart Disease & Stroke Reduction Chicago Hispanic Health Coalition 83

Access to Care Enroll America Health & Disability Advocates 84

Healthy Mothers & Babies Pediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiative 85

Communicable Disease Prevention Tom Kompare 86

Violence Prevention Girls in the Game 87

Public Health Infrastructure Smart Chicago Collaborative 88

Entrepreneur Award Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Otho S.A. Sprague Memorial Institute 89

@ChiPublicHealth 312.747.9884

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