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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: eilisbell


Initial concept For this image I used a dog cage to and put my subject in it to to make it seem like the human was the animal. The message i was trying to convey with this image was that you would not do the same thing to a human as you would to an animal/ if you knew that human were being abused and tested like animals were you would care a whole lot more just simply because humans believe that they are superior to animals. And a lot of people are oblivious to what happens to animals behind close doors and therefore do not care as much as it is no something that they can physically see so they feel like it is not affecting them and has nothing to do with them.

Angle The 'point of view' angle of this image helps the viewer to connect and empathize with the subject; the subject is eye-level with the camera lens. I wanted the subjects head angle to illustrate that the 'subject' does not want to even look at the person who is attacking them anymore and does not want to fight anymore because they know that it will not work as it has been happening for so long; a look of defeat. The position of the subject also make the viewer more aware of the blood on the subjects legs and neck.

Composition The position of the subject also makes the viewer more aware of the blood on the subjects legs and neck. The casual pose of the subject might shock the audience however this is the affected that I wanted on the audience as the concept of how animal skin clothing and fur coats are made is not something that shocks a lot of people in today's society but it should be and that is the message I wanted to display.

Improvements Although i like the composition of this image as it shows the subjects full fur coat and the 'blood' on the subjects neck and legs but this image would have been more atheistically pleasing to the eye if the top of the subjects head was not cropped out of the image. I also would have liked the background to be completely black so that the main focus was on the subject and not on the uneven background. I did a attempt to do this on Photoshop but it interfered with the shape of the cage bars and made them look uneven.

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