Annotated Bibliography on Prof. Edward J. Sullivan's English Works

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Information about Annotated Bibliography on Prof. Edward J. Sullivan's English Works

Published on February 23, 2014

Author: KaiAlexisSmithMSILS



Slides from a presentation on New York University Professor Edward J. Sullivan's English language works for Theories and Methodologies in Art History class at Pratt Institute in fall 2012.

An Annotated Bibliography of His Works in English Kai Alexis Smith HA-602 Theories and Methodologies in Art History Fall 2012

What is covered… – ™ Biography ™ Focus and Style ™ Dissertation ™ Major Works ™ Botero

Biography – Art ™  Helen Gould Sheppard Professor of History; Institute of Fine Arts. ™  Ph.D. 1979 (Fine Arts), M.A. 1975 (Fine Arts), M.A. 1972 (Spanish and Portuguese), B.A. 1971 (Fine Arts and Spanish and Portuguese), New York University. ™  Fellowships and Grants: –  –  –  –  Guggenheim Foundation Samuel H. Kress Foundation American Philosophical Society American Council of Learned Societies

Biography - External Affiliations – ™  External Affiliations: –  Advisory committee, El Museo del Barrio –  Exhibition Committee, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey (Mexico) MARCO –  Honorary Committee, Fundacion Ludwig de Cuba –  Contributing Editor, Art Nexus –  Board, Mexican Cultural Institute of New York –  Honorary Associate, Hispanic Society of America –  Committee for Libraries and Archives, MoMA –  Multicultural Advisory Committee, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Focus and Style – ™  The Term Latin American was invented in France around 1860 and it has often been used to denote a common cultural heritage.” ™  Addresses Latin American Art stereotype. ™  Works educates about Latin American and Caribbean art and challenges stereotypes of countries and cultures in writing. ™  Style is not afflicted by the heavy handed academic jargon of many significant art historical studies. ™  Writing style makes work accessible to all – art historian or not. ™  Thoroughly research works with rich bibliographies.

Dissertation – ™  Claudio Coello and Late Baroque painting in Madrid. Thesis (Ph. D.)--New York University, Graduate School, 1979. –  PG. 8 ™  Baroque Painting in Madrid: the Contribution of Claudio Coello with a Catalogue Raisonné of His Works. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1986. ™  PG. 9

Major Works – ™ Julio Larraz. New York: Hudson Hills Press, 1989. –  PG. 10

Major Works – ™ “Introduction to the Collection of European and American Paintings in the Taft Museum” and “The Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Spanish Paintings”. The Taft Museum: Its History and Collections. New York: Hudson Hills Press, 1995. –  PG. 12

Major Works – ™ Latin American Women Artists = Artistas Latinoamericanas : 1915-1995. Milwaukee, WI: Milwaukee Art Museum, 1995. –  PG. 12-13

Major Works – American Art in the ™ Latin Twentieth Century. London: Phaidon, 1996. –  PG. 13

Major Works – ™ Modern and Contemporary Art of the Dominican Republic. London: Academic & University Publishers Group, 1998. ™  PG. 14

Major Works – ™ Brazil: Body & Soul. New York, N.Y.: Guggenheim Museum, 2001. –  PG. 15

Major Works – ™ The Language of Objects in the Art of the Americas. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2007. –  PG. 18

Major Works – ™ Caribbean: Art at the Crossroads of the World. Edited by Cullen, Deborah. New Haven, Conn: Yale University Press, 2012. ™  PG. 19

Botero – ™  Botero Sculpture. New York: Abbeville Press, 1986. –  PG. 9 ™  Fernando Botero: Drawings and Watercolors. New York, NY: Rizzoli, 1993. –  PG. 11 ™  Fernando Botero: Monograph & Catalogue Raisonné : Paintings 1975-1990. Lausanne: Acatos, 2000. ™  PG. 15 ™  The Baroque World of Fernando Botero. Alexandria, VA: Art Services International, 2006. –  PG. 17

Art Acknowledgement – ™ Ebony G. Patterson (Untitled Species I), 2010–2011, Collection of David Beitzel, New York. ™ Leo Matiz, Pavo real del mar (Peacock of the Sea), 1939, Ciénaga Grande, Colombia, digital reproduction; Courtesy Foundation Leo Matiz, Alejandra Matiz. ™ Enrique Grau Araujo’s (Mulata Cartagenera), 1940, Museo Nacional de Colombia, Columbia. ™ Unknown ( Edward J. Sullivan PhD staff photos), unknown, New York University, New York City.

– Leo Matiz, Pavo real del mar (Peacock of the Sea), 1939, Ciénaga Grande, Colombia, digital reproduction; Courtesy Foundation Leo Matiz, Alejandra Matiz.

Prof. Edward J. Sullivan –of His Works in English An Annotated Bibliography Kai Alexis Smith @KaiAlexisSmith

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