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Published on July 27, 2009

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MW5093 The three states of matter are represented in the diagrams below. A B C a) Identify the diagram that represents i) a solid. A ii) steam. C b) Name a substance that could be represented by diagram B. Liquid_ c) Explain why substances represented by diagram C can be compressed, but the others cannot. The particles in A and B which are solid and Liquid they cant get any closer and the particles in C are far apart. d) Condensation is a change of state. Complete the condensation equation below by putting one letter from the diagrams above (A, B, C) into each circle.

B C 12:02 Strand Objective Level Resource type Integrating strand MW5093 MW ob1a 5 BCR - Keywords States; particle nature of matter; NCEA. Description Students are given diagrams representing the three states of matter. Students answer four questions relating to these. MW5093

Scoring: Answers/Responses: Answers/Resp onses: Answers/Resp onses: Y10 (11/02) 1 mark a) i) A very easy (for both correct) ii) C 1 mark b) Any liquid, e.g., water. moderate 1 mark c) The particles in C are far apart. difficult 1 mark The particles in C can be moved closer. difficult 1 mark The particles in A and B are already close difficult and can’t get closer. B d) moderate C 1 mark Total: 6 marks Total: 6 marks Total: 6 marks Total: 6 marks Total: 6 marks Diagnostic information Analysis of responses d) Percentage of students giving each answer. C → B: 49% C → A: 7% A → B: 10% A → C: 17% Missing/No answer: 17%

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