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Published on March 17, 2014

Author: informaoz


How can we assist our clients to stay safe  and  supported     in their own homes for as long as possible

How can we assist our clients to stay Start  the  conversa1on     About what they need now and what they’ll need in the future

Can we give people with disabilities a way to stay

The basics People with disabilities want to: – stay put in their own homes for as long as possible – have their say when it comes to planning their future – know their options and the costs involved to be able to make informed choices

A tool that challenges people to take a journey through their home and reflect on how they are managing now and how they may manage in the future

•  What am I having difficulty with now? •  What might I have difficulty with in the future? •  Is my home modifiable? •  Is it realistic and cost effective to modify my home •  Is this the home for me in the long term?

• 3  parts:   – Self  assessment  completed  by  the   person  with  the  disability,  their  family  or   carers   – Occupa:onal  Therapy  assessment   – Builder  es:mate  regarding  cost  


         HOW  TO  USE  THIS  PLANNING  &  ASSESSMENT   TOOL   The  3  parts  consist  of:   1.  Your  personal  sec@on  -­‐  Your  thoughts,  considera:ons  and   assessment  of  your  home  and  yard  in  rela:on  to  your   health,  your  abili:es  and  lifestyle  needs     EMPOWERING  YOUR  DECISION  MAKING  NOW  and   INTO  THE  FUTURE  

HOW  TO  USE  THIS  PLANNING  &  ASSESSMENT  TOOL   2.  For  use  by  a  qualified  Occupa@onal  Therapist  -­‐  An  holis:c   assessment  tool  to  support  an  assessing  Occupa:onal  Therapist.  This   assessment  tool  also  channels  the  Occupa:onal  Therapist  back  to:   The  NEEDS  and  WANTS  YOU  HAVE  THOUGHT  ABOUT   REGARDING  YOUR  ACCOMMODATION  

3.  Team  approach  to  current  and  future  planning  and   problem  solving  -­‐  A  document  that  combines  your  input  with  the   OT’s  clinical  prescrip:on  with  the  op:on  for  a  builder  to  provide  either  an   es:mate  or  a  detailed  quote  to  meet:   HOW  TO  USE  THIS  PLANNING  &  ASSESSMENT  TOOL   The  MELDING  TOGETHER   of   -­‐  YOUR  GOALS   -­‐  OT  prescrip@on   -­‐  BUILDER  quote  &   installa@on  

It  may  be  that  this  planning  tool  iden:fies  the  need  for  different,   more  appropriate  accommoda@on  in  the  short-­‐term  or  future   years  or  it  may  help  you  to  find  ways  to  stay  in  accommoda:on   that  meets  much  more  than  just  a  health  or  care  need  for   yourself,  your  family  or  care  givers.     It  is  a  planning  tool  that  can  assist  you  with  budget  planning  for  a   variety  of  home  modifica:ons  but  most  importantly  it’s  a   planning  tool  that  can  help  you  make  decisions  that  are  right  for   you.  



Link  to  the  ‘A  Way  to  Stay’  online  editable  or  copy   for  hard  print   hZp://   Open  with  ADOBE  Reader  for  editable  pdf  and   saving  

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