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Published on June 6, 2016

Author: Leh98


1. 2. 
 I then decided that i did not want the original background from the raw image, i decide to use the eraser tool to get rid of the background, then making me able to add in anything that i wanted. First i had to make copies of the original image that i started with and make duplicates of them, so i had my layers ready for what was planning to create. Effects -Background Removal -Spot Healing

2. 2. The Unsharp mask tool allowed me to put in focus the main focal part of my image, which is his hand/thumb. I changed how much sharpen i wanted for this image by increasing the amount on the first meter. The next step in these image edits was for me to add a layer mask into what i was planning on, to do this i had to separate the layers by duplicating the original copy. To be able to achieve the bright red that is seen on the raps i had to use the eraser tool. For my magazines images i am using mostly black and white colours. The tool that i have highlighted allowed me to change the colour. Effects -Layer Mask -Unsharp Mask

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