Ann Arbor Alpha's 2014 Black & Gold Scholarship Ball Slidehow

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Information about Ann Arbor Alpha's 2014 Black & Gold Scholarship Ball Slidehow

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: lelandwalker5



PowerPoint Presentation: President Brandon T. Marsh PowerPoint Presentation: Vice President Lemar Thomas PowerPoint Presentation: Secretary Harold C. Curry, II PowerPoint Presentation: Treasurer John R. Ashford PowerPoint Presentation: Chaplain Marion Hoey PowerPoint Presentation: Historian Monroe Alford PowerPoint Presentation: Parliamentarian Marquan D. Jackson PowerPoint Presentation: Asso . Editor to the Sphinx Lamont D. Manley PowerPoint Presentation: Director Of Membership Charles A. Davis, Jr. PowerPoint Presentation: Director Of Education Michael T. Johnson PowerPoint Presentation: Sergeant-at-Arms L. Jerome Vasser PowerPoint Presentation: Raymond B. Randolph, Jr. Richmond34 Freedom Rider PowerPoint Presentation: 2014 Man of the Year Bro. Marquan D. Jackson

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