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Published on January 5, 2009

Author: mswage


ANIMAL KINGDOM : ANIMAL KINGDOM Characteristics of all Animals : Characteristics of all Animals They are made of cells, which form tissues, which form organs which form organ systems. They obtain food by eating other organisms (herbivores, carnivores or omnivores). Most animals reproduce sexually but some can reproduce asexually. Slide 3: All animals move in order to satisfy 1 of their basic needs (food, water, shelter, escaping danger) Types of food eaters : Types of food eaters Carnivore - meat eater (either a predator - prey relationship or a scavenger) Herbivore - plant eater Omnivore - eats plants and meat Division of animals : Division of animals Slide 6: Animals have bilateral symmetry (1 line that can divide the animal into 2 identical parts) or radial symmetry ( many lines that can divide the animal into equal parts). Sub Kingdom: Invertebrates : Sub Kingdom: Invertebrates Phyla Include: Sponges Cnidarians Worms Phylum - Sponge : Phylum - Sponge Simplest form of animal No tissues or organs heterotrophic & cells that have specialized jobs Bodies pierced all over with openings called pores How do Sponges eat & breathe? : How do Sponges eat & breathe? Collar cells on the inside of central cavity trap bacteria & protists & digest them. Sponges get O2 by diffusion. Slide 10: Soft bodies have network of spikes. Made of tough material, but food for some types of fish. Can reproduce asexually (budding) and sexually. Fertilized eggs go through a larvae stage. Phylum - Cnidarians : Phylum - Cnidarians Carnivores use stinging cells to capture prey & defend selves. Specialized tissues - no organs. Radial symmetry Slide 12: Phylum - Cnidarians 2 body types: polyp (like a vase with a mouth opening at the top) and medusa (bowl shaped). Digestion : Digestion Capture prey using stinging cells to inject venom - paralyzes prey Pull prey into mouth, digest in body cavity digestive system: 1 opening - expel food from mouths also. Reproduction : Reproduction asexually by budding & sexually. Some have both sexes within 1 individual others in separate individuals. Examples include jellyfish, sea anemones and coral. Worms - 3 phyla : Worms - 3 phyla Flatworms (Platyhelminthes) Roundworms (Nematoda) Segmented worms (Annelida) All Worms… : All Worms… Have tissues, organs and organ systems. Have bilateral symmetry. Have a brain. Reproduce both sexually and asexually. Can replace parts by a process called regeneration. Flatworms : Flatworms Parasites (food from their host (ex. tapeworms). Those that are not parasites are scavengers (feed off the remains of dead organisms) Feed by inserting a tube into food which secretes chemicals to break down the food. They then suck it through the tube. Roundworms : Roundworms Live in moist environments. Some are herbivores, some carnivores, some parasites (worms that dogs and cats get are parasites). The digestive system is 1 long tube where food goes in 1 end and waste exits at the other end. Segmented Worms : Segmented Worms Have linked sections called segments. Some scavengers (earthworm) Some parasites (leeches). Closed circulatory system (blood moves through system via vessels). Nerve cords and digestive tube run through their bodies.

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