Animal Scavenger Hunt

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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: Almuudena1



Treasure Hunt is a educative game for little children. You should follow the different directions to put the correct animals with his correct description.

Animal Scavenger Hunt BIG mammal Black and White fur Lives in Asia Eats bamboo Small mammal Black fur Flies at night Eats mosquitoes HUGE mammal White fur Lives in arctic Eats seals LARGE reptile Green scales Lives in swamps Eats fish Mammals birds

LARGE Fish Gray Lives in the ocean Eats fish Medium sized mammal Brown fur Climbs slowly through the rainforest Eats leaves Black and yellow Small insect Stings Makes honey Black and white fur Says moo Eats grass Lives on a farm

Blue Huge mammal Lives in the ocean Eats plankton Red Bird Flies Eats seeds Likes to sing Orange sea creature Big claws Lives on the beach Yellow with black spots Fast runner Hunter Lives in Africa

Colorful insect l l LARGE wings Loves flowers Eats nectar Green with diamonds Has no feet Slithers along carnivorous Black and white stripes Lives in Africa Eats plants Blue Lives in ocean Stings Eats crustaceans

Gray Huge mammal Likes peanuts Afraid of mice Red insect Tiny Has black spots Flies Green reptile Slow Lives a long time Has a shell Black Climbs trees Hangs by its tail Eats bananas

Black and white bird Lives in Antarctica Waddles Eats fish Orange Long Electric Lives in the ocean BIG furry mammal Brown Hibernates Lives in the woods Eats mostly fish small Black arachnid 8 legs Eats insects

Green amphibian Hops Lives in a pond Sits on a lily pad LARGE mammal Orange with black stripes Predator Lives in Asia Bluish-gray fish Has stinging tentacles Lives in the ocean Has no bones LARGE bird Lives in North America White and Brown feathers Eats fish

Tan mammal Has a hump Lives in the desert Eats plants Pink Mammal Lives on a farm Says oink Eats slop Congratulations!! You are an animal expert.

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