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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: margarimartin



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 Riddle No.1 It is a big animal. It has got four legs. It is grey. It lives in rivers and lakes. I eats grass. It can swim. What is it?

 Riddle No.2 It is a small animal. It can fly. It lives in jungles and tropical forests. It has got many colours. It has got a long tail. What is it?

 Riddle No.3 It is a big animal. It lives in African deserts. It has got four legs and one or two humps. It can run fast. It eats grass. What is it?

 Riddle No.4 It is a small animal. It has got a long tail and four legs. It is green or brown. It can run fast. It lives in warm places. What is it?

 Riddle No.5 This animal lives in cold areas. It is black and white. It can swim very well. What is it?

 Riddle No.6 This animal lives in tropical forests. It has got a long tail and fur. It can jump very well but it can´t swim. It is quite big. What is it?

 Riddle No.7 This animal hasn´t got any legs. It eats small mice. It hasn´t got any fur. It can´t fly or run. What is it?

 Riddle No.8 This animal has hooves and black and white stripes all over its body. It is often in cartoons and shows. It doesn´t eat meat. What is it?

 Riddle No.9 This animal lives in Antarctica. It has got a white fur. It has got four paws. It eats meat. It can swim. What is it?

 Riddle No.10 It´s a bird. It has wings but it can´t fly. It has long legs and it can run fast. It lives in Africa. What is it?

 Riddle No.11 This animal eats grass. It is very fast. It runs at the races. It has got four legs and a long tail and neck. It lives with people all around the world. What is it?

           Hippo Ostrich Monkey Horse Polar bear Snake Penguin Zebra Lizard Camel Parrot (Macaw)

Riddle No.1 - hippo Riddle No.2 – parrot (macaw) Riddle No.3 – camel Riddle No.4 – lizard Riddle No.5 – polar bear Riddle No.6 – monkey Riddle No.7 – penguin Riddle No.8 – zebra Riddle No.9 – polar bear Riddle No.10 - ostrich Riddle No.11 - horse

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