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Published on February 3, 2014

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I had the opportunity to lead a global sales & marketing team in the Animal Healthcare space. The presentation provides an overview of the "Inventory" I completed an order to gauge the competencies of my team and their sales & marketing effectiveness. If you are looking for someone to build/lead your sales & marketing teams please contact me at

Assessing UK & Global Sales Force/Management Effectiveness Global Animal Healthcare Industry

Coming in as Vice President International Sales & Marketing Operations, I was asked to first assess the sales & marketing functions of the organization. This presentation walks you through the process and findings.

Assessing Overview Objectives • Assess UK & Global sales/management practices and future development strategies • Identify opportunities in sales force effectiveness (SFE) to support future success • Provide recommendations for improvement Method/Respondents • Interactions conducted with Management Team, Sales Representatives • 3 month period

Preliminary Findings 3 Development Areas Reviewed • Sales Representative Effectiveness (SRE) • Sales Management Effectiveness • Marketing Opportunities

Sales Force Effectiveness

Preliminary Findings Most of the sales people are viewed positively by our customers, however, there are development areas: • The majority of the sales reps are spending a lot of time “taking soft orders/service calls” versus actually selling to increase business. Extremely passive selling • There is not much preparation before sales calls (setting up an objective/action plan) • Customers did not seem to be opposed to “selling” or “the close,” however, many of our sales reps spend a lot of time building relationships (which is important, but so is selling)

Preliminary Findings Access • In England Vet Offices are adopting stricter access policies – Our sales reps need to be a bit more creative in breaking down these barriers – Need to improve strategically other ways to get to important customers – Need to increase frequency on important difficult to see customers • Companies like BI appear to use creativity to gain access – They have locked up many Vet Offices in England with an aggressive deal on one of their small animal products. Loxicom has been locked out of many clinics – They also appear to have an aggressive sales force

Preliminary Findings Product Messages • When I was with the sales reps it did not appear that many visits included a product message, just pretty much pricing was discussed on every call • I understand our products are very familiar to the customer due to the brand equivalent, however, there is a consistent concentration on just price in every call

Additional Learning's Selling Against The Competition • Our sales reps spend a lot of time discussing the competition to the customer instead of spending the majority of time talking about Company X’s product benefits • There is a great deal of discussion on competitive pricing to the customer (again, this could be an industry acceptance) • Our reps need to do more company/Company X branding to the customer. Teaching them company history, background etc. It’s apparent companies like Pfizer/Merial (division of Merck) have a branding presence

Development Opportunities Many of our sales reps enjoy good relationships with their customers, effective Basic Selling Skills Training can help to maximize these relationships Customer Planning and Preparation Training is also needed: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Having a call objective Positioning the call Identifying Needs Probing Getting Agreement Closing for increased business A Basic Sales Training Meeting for all sales personnel is needed. Followed by building a training infrastructure

Sales Management Effectiveness

Preliminary Findings Both Pat and Tim are viewed favorably by their sales people, there are areas for development: • The majority of the sales reps would like to have their sales directors in the field with them more • There appears to be a lot of focus on areas outside the role of a sales director, which is to coach /develop and lead sales people (both directors have a strong hand in marketing which I’m not sure is their specialty) • I have not been able to see both directors’ business planning skills/coaching skills in thorough detail, I’m sure that will come shortly.

Preliminary Findings Leadership Skills: Coaching and Developing Their Sales People – First observation is that both directors need to spend more time in the field with their sales people – Both directors do a great job analyzing the business which is extremely important, however, ensuring execution on the sales rep end seems to be lacking – I have not seen evidence of sales rep developmental plans with either director (an opportunity present here) More focus on Sales Rep development is needed – Directors need to update sales rep development plan, and spend more time in the field – Analyzing sales rep competencies are needed

Development Opportunities Pat & Tim need to spend more time in the field with their sales people More time focus on coaching/developing sales rep competencies : 1. Selling Skills Assessment (From Field Visits) 2. Sales Rep Development/Competencies (From Field Visits) 3. Coaching Skills Training 4. Conflict Resolution A Management Development Curriculum is needed to further help the development of Pat & Tim.

Marketing Assessment

Preliminary Findings There appears to be limited (“Human Resources”) of Marketing people in the Marketing department : – From what I’ve gathered there are currently 3 dedicated marketing people with Company X, based in Corby – While the marketing team is doing a good job with limited people it doesn’t appear to be enough for both GB/Ireland sales teams – Ireland is pretty much doing their own marketing without a dedicated marketing expert, which is creating some burden on the Ireland sales team – I have not been able to assess the creativity or innovativeness of marketing at this point.

Development Opportunities • In the immediate find a dedicated marketing person for the Ireland business • Develop a dedicated Company X “Marketing Team” that supports Ireland/GB and other business focused countries for Company X • Will be able to assess Marketing’s capabilities during the launch of Product X

Critical Steps In Process • Take “Introduction Inventory” of the current performance of the team, call it “Internal Analysis” • Develop a schedule where you can have “Face-To- Face” time with your sales team members or sales directors. Whether in “The Field” or office face to face time is critical during the assessment process. • Develop your “Strategies”/“Business Goals” as it relates to assessing your sales organizations performance. What are you trying to achieve from a business performance perspective? • Develop incremental resources to help in the assessment process (e.g. HR, Talent Management, Training, FCR’s etc).

Critical Steps In Process con’t • Develop a “Sales Force Effectiveness Study” to help with the assessment process. • Develop tracking tools (e.g. 9-Box Grid Development Tool or “Culture/Performance Tool”)

Internal Analysis-Example Key Conditions Implications • Sales Representatives/Directors product knowledge needs improvement. •With our “Brand” customers we fail to be a reliable credible resource without exceptional product knowledge. •Account Representatives need further “Business Acumen” skills. •Giving away resources without expecting or receiving R.O.I will be unacceptable. Our customers are becoming more business savvy if we cannot adjust…we will not succeed. •Sales Directors becoming to distracted with issues out of their control. •If our focus is on everything but moving share with Product X we will not reach our company objective with Product X (1.25 Billion). •Account Representatives becoming more comfortable holding their customers accountable. •Customers are ceasing their “smoke screen” objections, and are starting to submit to using more Product X. •Maintaining retention and creating a positive national sales environment. •Vacancy of our top performers will not help us reach or company forecast goal. Summary Statement: If our sales directors, sales reps can avoid becoming distracted, and maintain a positive attitude we will reach our company forecast with Product X (1.25 Billion). As a sales organization we can finally reach #1 market share with our leading product. Strengths: The sales organization is fairly tenured and has solid leadership. Weaknesses: Account Representatives are apprehensive of their future.

Tactical Planning Assessment Calendar-Example Tactics Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Account Business Plans 2/09 Revise Revise Revise Career Development Plans 2/09 5/09 8/09 10/09 Assessment Allocation (Financial) 60% Re-evaluate 30% Re-evaluate 2 District Promotions Talent Mgmt Interviewing 2/09 5/09 9/09 Winter Break Competency Review Conference Call 2/09 5/09 8/09 ------ Sales Results Performance Reviews 2/09 Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Sales Management Performance Reviews 2/09 4/09 7/09 11/09 Management CRM Review 2/09 6/09 ----- ------ Quicken New Account Rep Progress 2/09 4/09 6/09 ------- Track Personal Development Plan 2/09 4/09 7/09 10/09 Insert Retention Tactics to “A” & “B” players 2/09 4/09 7/09 10/09


Market Analysis Finding Since the majority of our business lies in the animal healthcare space 85% and the other 15% in human healthcare (Generics), I spent the majority of the 1st months evaluating our small/large animal business. • The market size of the Global Animal Healthcare Industry are broken up in the following segments: pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical feeds, farm and companion animals. • Our business primarily played in the generic antibiotic/pharmaceutical space, which frankly was our “value proposition” versus the BIG brand companies we competed against. Chief Competitors Included: • • • • • • • • • Bayer Boehringer Ingelheim Ceva Elanco Intervet Merial Novartis Pfizer Phibro

Market Analysis Finding Coming into the role I understood “Cost” would be our “Value Proposition” since we were a generic based company and an area where we could compete with the likes of Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis, Pfizer etc. However, after collaborating with the CEO we agreed that we needed stronger “branding” in order to swipe market share from the “Monsters”. Working with my marketing department we first developed a central “Value Proposition” for a flagship product to be released at the beginning of year. The next few slides walks you through our approach.

Value Proposition To Customer

Value Proposition Our Product Effective Against Fluke Easy To Use Cost Effective

Proposition and Product Core Messaging Our product addresses the unmet need in animal health by providing the easiest , most effective fluke , worms and lice treatment for cattle. Effective • Works Well •No Parasite Resistance •Reduces Pasture Contamination Easy to Use • Convenient- at one time, fitting farm routine, at housing and turn out for example • Product creates an easier application Cost Benefit • Larger livestock units , decline in farm labor force , animal welfare • Increase focus on animal handling, time management, convenience and compliance

Our Product (Leverage Points) Innovative 1st in Market Cost Effective Reduced Labor Cost Access Usage Treatment Choice Ongoing Treatment Evaluation Most effective against Fluke Our Company to Industry Support

Our Product Benefit Ladder It makes my life easier Benefit Ladder Emotional benefits End-use benefits End-use benefits: Farmers/Merchants/Wholesalers Convenient-at one time Animal welfare friendly Reduces pasture contamination Functional benefits  Easy to Use:  Comfortable  Labor Saving  Time Management  Simple Application Product benefits  Innovative, single use  Effective Fluke Treatment  Cost Effective Benefits (Labor, Supports Productivity)  Product name/history supported in the market

Final Market Analysis Finding/Discovery • We worked to establish a comprehensive brand plan prior to an “Sales Execution Strategy” so that the focus wasn’t primarily on just “Cost”. However, we did accomplish a strategy that centered around a “Cost-Effective” initiative that happened to work successfully. • Solidifying a partnership with wholesalers/suppliers in our most profitable areas (e.g. Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and US), we set up “profit scenarios” with some of our B2B customers to ensure our products were merchandised featured over our competitors. • We also worked to develop an infrastructure that captured better market/competitor intelligence and identify markets that had a wider acceptance for generic brands…we played in a “Branded” laced marketplace.

Overall Assessment After completing an overall assessment of our sales & marketing infrastructure we were able to make significant progress in building/leading the following areas: I. Establishing a “BUSINESS ORGANIZATION” • Developing Management/Leadership Strategies • Build Sales & Marketing Competency Structure • Build Sales Training Department II. Marketing/Assets • Building global marketing team (5 members) • “Value Proposition”/”Vision”/”Core Messaging” • Promotional Tactics/Customer Relationship Approaches III. Product Portfolio (“Life Cycle Management”) • Extensive review of major product lines/opportunities • New Product Development (NPD) and R&D • Develop licensing agreements

You can also checkout my background/work by clicking on the following links:

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