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Published on September 24, 2015

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2. THE LION LIVING AND EATING HABITS OF ANIMALS Living Habits  The lions live in ‘prides’ usually comprising 2 adults and few cubs  Lions are cooperative group hunters and usually hunt as a team  Lionesses are hunters, cub bearers, property owners and defenders  Lionesses along with the cubs live in the den but once the cubs are old enough to protect themselves, they move out and join the tribe and from then onwards, they live in the open

3. Eating Habits  Hunting for the pride is done by the lioness.  The main technique is divide and hunt.  Lions mainly feed on wild beasts, buffalos, zebras and various species of antelope.  Lions hunt hippopotamuses, young elephants, and baboons.  Occasionally, lions become man eaters. LIVING AND EATING HABITS OF ANIMALS THE LION

4.  Living Habits  Dogs and humans get along very well hence dogs are good pets  Dogs usually formulate territories and defend the territory with all might because it contains everything they need to survive  Dogs use their sense of smell to communicate with each other  A dog’s bark has five to six meanings depending in the context it is used LIVING AND EATING HABITS OF ANIMALS THE DOG

5.  Eating Habits   Dogs belong to the carnivorous group and love to eat meat  But they also eat vegetables and grain in small amounts, when required  Most dogs love meat such as rabbits, dead leftover animal flesh discarded by humans  Dogs usually eat anything they can, even chocolate LIVING AND EATING HABITS OF ANIMALS THE DOG

6.  Living Habits  Elephants survive most living conditions because of variety of food sources they can consume !!  Elephants live in forests and swamps but can very well survive in deserts as well  Most of the present time elephants are in Africa and live in protected National Parks  Elephants love to play and bathe in water and would travel miles to find water sources LIVING AND EATING HABITS OF ANIMALS THE ELEPHANT

7.  Eating Habits   16 to 18 hours (i.e. nearly 80% ) of an elephant’s day time is spent feeding  Elephants consume grasses, small plants, bushes, fruits, twigs, tree barks and roots  Tree bark is a favorite food source for elephants, especially Sugercane  Tusks are used to carve into the trunk and tear off strips of bark  To supplement their diet, elephants dig up earth to obtain salt and minerals LIVING AND EATING HABITS OF ANIMALS THE ELEPHANT

8.  Living Habits   Crocodile is the world’s largest living reptile  Crocodiles relish privacy and warm weather  Some Crocodiles live in temperate climate around the world  As members of the crocodilian clan they make their homes along sandy costs, on muddy rivers and in salty mangrove swamps LIVING AND EATING HABITS OF ANIMALS THE CROCODILE

9.  Eating Habits   Crocodiles are hard core meat eaters  It doesn’t matter whether the meat is fresh, rotten or even stinky  They mostly hunt and chew meat of animals like wild boars, dears, antelopes, pigs, monkeys and dogs  They also don’t feel wrong in hunting members of their own reptile family, which means they do eat snakes LIVING AND EATING HABITS OF ANIMALS THE CROCODILE

10.  Living Habits   Giraffes are natives of Africa where they run wild in the tall grasses of the open planes  Giraffes “move to where they need to” in order to find food  The home range for a giraffe is between eight and fifty square miles  There are many areas around Africa where the giraffes are well protected from humans and their hunting and destruction  Giraffes like to live in areas where it is very hot LIVING AND EATING HABITS OF ANIMALS THE GIRAFFE

11.  Eating Habits   Giraffes eat leaves of bushes, and especially trees of Acacia, Mimosa and wild Apricot  Mostly Giraffes eat raised plants, where they can easily reach  Giraffes typically live in Savanna, but eat very little grass, because it is hard for them to bend and eat anything that grows low to the ground  A giraffe’s tough mouth and its great height allows it to reach and eat foods that most other animal can’t LIVING AND EATING HABITS OF ANIMALS THE GIRAFFE

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