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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: theaatifkhan



Animal Encyclopedia

Aatif Khan Level II Student

 All the animals are different.  Some animals eats other animals. They are called carnivores. ex: tiger,lion,leopard etc …..  Some animals eats only grass.They are called herbivores.ex : horse,goat,giraffe etc …….  Some animals eats both grass & other animals are called omnivores.ex : bear,cat,dog etc ….  

 Dinosarous are very dangerous  Dinosarous eat grass and other dinosarous  They are all not living now  Dinosarous bone are in museums  The dinosarous are died

 Polar bear lives in antartica  Polar bears color is white  Polar bear eats fish and human  Polar bear drink ice water  Polar bear has fur to not getting cold

 Pandas live in bamboo forest  Panda eats bamboo stick forever  Pandas color is black and white  Pandas sleep most of the time  Pandas has a around eyes

 Lion is the king of the jungle  Lion has a hair called mane  Lion is the strongest animal  Female lion is called puma  Lion eats human and other animals

 Shark lives in water  Shark eats fish and human  Shark has sharp teets  Shark can breeth on water is called gills  Shark can sweem on water by fins

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