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Information about Anila hotel - Banquet in Naraina Vihar

Published on June 21, 2018

Author: AnilaHotels


Anila Hotels Hotels in Naraina Vihar : Anila Hotels Hotels in Naraina Vihar Hotels in Naraina – Anila Hotels: Hotels in Naraina – Anila Hotels Anila Hotels is one of the best Hotels in Naraina which is located in a quaint neighborhood within the city. The hotel is fully air-conditioned and provide all the high-class services at reasonable rates. The interior of the hotels are designed in contemporary and elegant style. Anila Hotels in Naraina Vihar is the perfect place for social gathering and family get-together. Event in Naraina Vihar – Anila Hotels: Event in Naraina Vihar – Anila Hotels Looking for best place to organize Event in Naraina Vihar must checkout Anila Hotels. They help in organizing all types of occasions and events they have separate packages for seminar, event, workshop, party etc. They have all facilities feature business suites, conference halls, meeting rooms, board rooms which come complete with all needed amenities. Organizing a Event in Naraina at Anila Hotel is guaranteed to be a success. Banquet in Naraina Vihar – Anila Hotel: Banquet in Naraina Vihar – Anila Hotel For best banquet in Naraina Vihar checkout Anila Hotels banquet hall which is elegantly designed with soothing lightning that offers a sophisticated ambience. With the capacity to accommodate over 100 peoples. Our banquet in Naraina is spacious and which ensure your event is a success . Restaurant in Naraina – Anila Hotels: Restaurant in Naraina – Anila Hotels Our Restaurant in Naraina Vihar is perfect choice for the people’s who are foodie and health conscious too. Our chefs creates inspired modern Indian cuisine which makes the food beautifully creative combinations. Our top priority is your safety that is why we use best quality ingredients and fresh fruits and vegetables. Anila Hotels Restaurants in Naraina ensures that food is prepared for the customers is safe to eat. Gym in Naraina Vihar – Anila Hotels: Gym in Naraina Vihar – Anila Hotels Our Gym in Naraina Vihar is fully-equipped with all facilities which ensures you stay fit during the time you stay with us. We have all the exclusive fitness programs and calorie counters. Gym in Naraina have all equipment's like aero cycle, tummy twisters, stretching balls etc. Contact Us: Contact Us LOCATION A-15, Naraina Vihar, Naraina, New Delhi-110028 Email TEL +91 11-49148989 +91 9958001137 +91 11-3011200 THANKYOU!: THANKYOU!

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