Angles and Degrees part1

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Information about Angles and Degrees part1

Published on June 28, 2008

Author: freimer


Slide1:  Angles & Measures Slide2:  A ray, or half-line, is that portion of a line that starts at a point V on the line and extends indefinitely in one direction. The starting point V of a ray is called its vertex. V Ray Definition: Angles in Standard Position Slide3:  If two rays are drawn with a common vertex, they form an angle. One of the rays of an angle is called the initial side and the other the terminal side. Definition: Slide4:  Vertex Initial Side Terminal side Counterclockwise rotation Positive Angle x Slide5:  Initial side Terminal side Vertex Draw a 45o angle x y Slide6:  Initial side Terminal side Vertex Draw a 90o angle x y Slide7:  Initial side Terminal side Vertex Draw a 180o angle x Slide8:  “Open” a positive angle in a clockwise direction Slide10:  Vertex Initial Side Terminal side Clockwise rotation Negative Angle x Slide11:  x y Initial side Vertex Terminal side Slide13:  Vertex Initial Side Terminal side Co – terminal Angles α x 300 = -60 + 360 Co-terminal 90 = -270 + 360 Slide14:  How can we find three angles which are all co-terminal? Slide15:  Vertex Initial Side Terminal side Two positive co-terminal angles α x 450 = 90 + 360 90 = -270 + 360 Slide18:  Initial side Vertex Terminal side x y Slide19:  10 Second Stretch Break

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