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Information about angles

Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Teodora


Angelfish Production:  Angelfish Production LaDon Swann Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program Purdue University and the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Services Topics:  Topics Background Varieties Water Quality Nutrition Spawning Hatching Juveniles Angelfish Background:  Angelfish Background Angelfish Cichlidae family Pterphyllum scalare, P. dumerilii and P. altum Amazon basin and coastal rivers of the Guineas Varieties:  Varieties Colors Silver Gold Black Finnage Normal Veil Super veil Scales Normal Pearl scale Operculum Normal Blusher Silver (wild type):  Silver (wild type) Slide6:  Gold Marble Veil Black and White Slide7:  White Blusher Black Super Veil Slide8:  Chocolate Super Veil Black Marble Water Quality:  Water Quality Temperature 82ºF spawning (27.8ºC) 76-84ºF growout pH 6.8-7.2 Hardness Less than 100 mg/L Daylength 14L – 8D Nutrition:  Nutrition Breeders Frozen Brine Shrimp in the morning Flakes in the afternoon Juveniles Newly hatched Artemia salina Flakes Fry Newly hatched Artemia salina Slide11:  Flake Feeds Slide12:  15 oz Brine Shrimp 1 tsp eggs with 2 tbs salt in 2.8 liter water Slide13:  Brine Hatching Station 3 liter soda bottles Spawning:  Spawning Broodstock selection Hard to distinguish males from female Natural pairing 6 high quality juveniles in tank Separate when bonding commences Spawning:  Spawning Place pair in 10-15 gallon aquarium Water 82oF 14 hrs light Feeding slacked out frozen brine shrimp Flakes Spawning substrate Slide16:  Natural Pairing Slide17:  Natural Substrate Slate Tile Slide18:  Female Male Hatching:  Hatching Transfer spawn to 3-5 gallon tanks Add methylene blue Eggs hatch in 2 days Swim up by day 7 Feed newly hatched brine shrimp starting at day 7 Slide20:  200-400 eggs per spawn Spawn every 7-10 days Slide21:  2.5 gallon hatching tanks Juveniles:  Juveniles 3 months from hatch to market Sizes Dime $0.50 Quarter $0.75 Half dollar $1.00 to 1.50 Conclusions:  Conclusions Angelfish offer aquaculture alternatives Variety facilitates marketing Broodstock selection is critical Brine shrimp may be limiting

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