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Published on November 2, 2008

Author: itsamunstermash


:  Angkor What?! Slide 2: As Alana and Lauren are driving along, the road ends… Slide 3: …in Cambodia, where their van breaks down. Slide 4: They attempt to board a truck with some locals, but it seems to be quite packed. Since they are stranded, Lauren and Alana go out that night… : Since they are stranded, Lauren and Alana go out that night… They meet two Brazilian guys : They meet two Brazilian guys Hmmm… they look kind of sketchy… : Hmmm… they look kind of sketchy… But they could be fun! : But they could be fun! Alan buys Lauren a drink… : Alan buys Lauren a drink… but Diego refuses! : but Diego refuses! Slide 11: Fearing another attack, they hop on a tuk tuk and try to escape… Slide 12: They arrive at a temple called Angkor Thom. Translation: safe haven for refuge against crazy Brazilians… Slide 13: They felt they had finally escaped into a beautiful sunset with smiles all around. Slide 14: Then out of the darkness, a rabid, stone, big nosed liger kidnaps Lauren! Slide 15: The valiant Alana Smith confronts the ravenous beast…. But realizes the stationary jagged toothed liger might possibly attack…. Slide 16: Lauren is left waiting behind bars… Slide 17: Alana starts searching for Lauren, but there appears to be so many options… Slide 18: She looks through doorway after doorway… Slide 19: Alana looks high… …as Lauren looks low… Slide 20: Alana keeps looking, thinking she sees Lauren… Slide 21: She goes forward, but is instead attacked by stone midget guards in pyramid form! Slide 22: She runs from the midgets to stumble upon some friendly stone-headed, closed-eyed giants… She uses her Ancient stone-head closed-eyed giant Thai and asks if they have seen her friend, but doesn’t get much of a response… Slide 23: As Lauren continues to wait, other prisoners are being decapitated! Slide 24: Alana isn’t really sure what to do next… Slide 25: So she just continues to search… around and around and around… Slide 26: While Lauren continues to wait… and wait and wait and wait… Slide 27: More searching…. Slide 28: And searching… Slide 29: Still waiting… Slide 30: Lauren tries to escape, but it’s too high Slide 31: With super strength she didn’t realize she had, she releases her aggression on the walls… and the temple crumbles beneath her mighty fist Slide 32: While Alana is still searching Slide 33: Suddenly her search is halted as Diego appears, still livid over that drink Slide 34: Alana flees! and flees! Slide 35: She asks for assistance from some friendly monks Slide 36: They flee! Slide 37: So Alana has to face the jagged-toothed, rabid, stone liger beast on her own He makes the first move…. Slide 38: So she defaces him! Ha ha! Reunited! : Reunited! Slide 40: Alana the Conqueror and her sidekick were forever honored. Slide 41: Ah, a nice crisp Angkor beer in celebration, together at last. Slide 42: From sunrise to sunset…. They Danced!!! : They Danced!!!

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