Anger Management made simple in 10 steps

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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: simplify360



There is no scope for anger


Anger is one letter short of danger!

Be it professional or personal life, if not controlled at the right time, it can lead to things that you might regret all your life!

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Especially in business it’s a complete No! You cannot afford to lose people/ client, miss out on opportunities because of anger. Image courtesy:

So, here is a quick guide to control your anger in order of severity. Image courtesy:

Image courtesy: 1. Take a deep breath and count till 50!

The most common technique to calm down the initial phase of anger. Keep your mouth shut, take a deep breath and count till 50!

Image courtesy: 2. Drink water!

Next step is to drink a lot of water! Drink as if you have been thirsty for days!

Image courtesy: 3. Think of the person who makes you smile 

The moment you think you are losing your patience, just think of that someone who makes you happy. Think of happy moments to divert your mind.

4. Listen to music Image courtesy:

Music is the best remedy for any sort of mental stress! Just put on your earphones and unwind!

5. Talk to yourself Image courtesy:

Even after trying the above things if your anger does not subside, try talking to yourself. Go to the bathroom and vent out all your anger!

6. read Image courtesy:

Try reading…newspaper, magazine, online articles…anything to keep you occupied. Till the time you are angry it is advisable to keep yourself engaged.

7. Make an anthem Image courtesy:

No matter how crazy this may sound, but it definitely works! Identify yourself with a happy song and hum it when you are upset or angry. Trust me it helps! Being stupid is way better than being angry!

8. Play angry birds Image courtesy:

If your anger needs to be released, take out your frustration by playing games! Distract yourself. Release your anger on a virtual entity!

9. Step out! Image courtesy:

When things get out of control, just step out. Go for a walk. You need fresh air to think and relax. You need some time alone.

Image courtesy: 10. Practice yoga

As a long term solution, practice Yoga or meditation. It is the best way to control your emotions.

Once you feel that the anger has mellowed down, it is very essential to talk it out with the concerned person. Remember communication is very important but at the right time and in your right condition!

Stay happy 

Prerna Jaswant Account Manager Simplify360


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