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Published on December 23, 2008

Author: awiediger



Details of High Tunnel Construction

High Tunnel Construction

What do you want from your high tunnel? Farmers Market – start the season with a large selection and then you want the earliest tomatoes & cut flowers

Or perhaps expand your CSA into the winter

High Tunnel Alternative Structures PVC Structure

Bend your own steel


First things first – Site Selection Fertile, well drained soil Full day of sun Proper orientation No persistent perennial weeds

Fertile, well drained soil

Full day of sun

Proper orientation

No persistent perennial weeds


Squaring the high tunnel



But what if instead of being flat, your land lays like this…











































Simple window framing using 2 x 2’s, a couple of hinges, a few screws to hold the string in order to open and close the window and a hook n’ eye to hold it closed!






Hinged front (and rear) end wall. Penn State University high tunnel

Poly going on the high tunnel at Kentucky State University


Roll Up Sides?




What will it cost?

Some Comparative Costs Atlas RT 20 X 96 frame: $1383.00 Bend-your-own-steel 20 X 96: $761.00 (includes pipe bender), a savings of $622 plus whatever shipping the Atlas frame would cost Other items: 9 pc galvanized pipe 21'X1 3/8" X .047 (18gauge) roll-up sides 10.75ea 96.75 62 stainless steel tek screws 3/4" .17ea 10.54 34 carriage galvanized bolts3"X1/4" .4035ea 13.72 5lbs galvanized deck screws 2. 20.70 1 Inflation Blower 56.00 1 Inflation Blower deflector 15.98 256' channel lock 0.75/ft 192.00 400' wiggle wire 0.16ea. 64.00 2 rolls 36'X100' greenhouse poly 268ea. 536.00 1 roll 10'X100' greenhouse poly 69ea. 69.00 6 jumper hoses 24" 12.50ea 75.00 12 pc 2"X4"X16' treated lumber 5.72ea 68.64 16 pc 2"X6"X16' treated lumber 10.50ea 168.00 2 gate corner elbows 1 3/8" 2.76ea 5.52 250' Perferated drain pipe 4" .27996/ft 69.99 3 elbows 4" 3.89ea. 11.67 1 "t" 4" 3.89ea. 3.89 1477.40

Any questions?

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