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Information about AndroidFirst.

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: Kiakaha17



Just a NASCENT presentation.
my FIRST of the MANY to come.

Technology-: ANDROID Projects- Aarti “the prayer” HollyMania YELP Submitted to- Ms. Neha Kapur BY-Saurabh Walia

• In the late 90’s Google discovered a pattern that 21st century is going to be the “Mobile Generation”. • So in 2004 Google launched the NEXUS, but it was not a great success. • This led to the birth of “Android”. • An O.S. which gave an opportunity to play with the logic and creativity to develop apps.

Microsoft windows (XP or later) or, Mac OS x 10.4.8 (or later) or, Linux The Android SDK JDK (5 or 6 or later)

GRAPHICS •XML 1.0,1.1 •activity_main.xml JAVA CODE •JAVA •




• Intent-:It's an "intention" to do an action. Eg: • PendingIntent-:It provides a means to create Intents that can be fired by another app. at a later time. Eg: personal or Dominos messages , notifications etc. • Sqlite-: Back-end for android apps. (store,manage,update,delete) operations.

contd…. • MediaPlayer-: handles MultiMedia playback in Android. initializestartstoppause- resume- • ImageButton- an image that can be used as a button and perform all the tasks that a button can do. • SeekBarr- is used for forwarding , reversing a playback. animations using rotate , transition, zoom etc.

“AARTI” THE PRAYERComponents-:       TextView DigitalClock Button MediaPlayer ImageView Intent

Components-:          TextView AnalogClock Toast (sending a file through bluetooth) Button ImageButton MediaPlayer Hint RatingBarIntent

YOUR SCORE-: Thank you.

COMPONENTS-: TextView Sqlite (Back-end) Spinner Gps Settings Radiobuttons Checkbox Validations

Working-: REGISTRATION •Username •Password • Receiver’s Name •Contact Number •Select Text IMPLEMENTATION •Use Default Settings •Personalize Settings



 Meritsa) It works in two modules. b) Location can be embedded with alert text.  Demeritsa) Lacks Google Maps. b) Some extra features in upcoming versions.

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