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Published on December 15, 2013

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Description on Jellybean OS before you see for KITKAT

September 15 2012

Introduction Android is linux based OS. Its latest version of OS is Android 4.1:Jellybean OS. Consequently this slide will contain following information :  Detailed about Jellybean,  It‟s pros and cons,  Revolution of different OS from primitive Android(beta) to advanced Android( Jellybean),  Contrast among iOS, Android and Windows phone. September 15 2012

Android       Linux based Operating System for smart phones and tablets Developed by Google and Open Handset Alliances(OHA) Used in Smart phones of different mobile brands and tablets like Samsung, Google , HTC , Sony Ericson, Motorola and many more… Open Source with large community of developers and applications Apps developed in java , C , C++ ,java script , python, flash etc By September 2012, more than 675000 apps were available and no of estimated Google play download was 25 billion September 15 2012

Android History       Android Inc, founded in Palo Alto in October 2003 Later Google acquired android in August 17 , 2005 Brought up a Project called Android Open Source Project Andy Rubin (Father of Android ) with his team developed a mobile device platform powered by linux kernel First commercially released android phone „HTC Dream‟ in October 22,2008 And then various brands of mobiles like Samsung, Google, Sony Ericson, Motorola ,etc also used android os. September 15 2012

Jellybean OS     Jellybean OS is the latest version of Android , Even though it is most powerful android OS there is not much difference between android 4.0: Ice-cream sandwich in terms of speed and other basic functionality, Hence google just increased 0.1 of previous version and jellybean becomes android 4.1, Basically google made advancement in factors like notification, graphical interface, voice recognition system, search engine, keyboard and many more. September 15 2012

Android version history           Android 1.0 Android 1.1 Android 1.5 : Cupcake Android 1.6 : Donut Android 2.0 : Eclair Android 2.2 : Froyo Android 2.3 : Gingerbread Android 3.0 : Honeycomb Android 4.0 : Ice-cream sandwich Android 4.1 : Jellybean September 15 2012

Project butter Google have been organizing Google I/O conference annually,  Likewise in conference of July 27, 2012 google released jellybean as the consequence of “Project Butter” driven by them,  This project was driven to address complaints of users mainly like touch interface,  More over this project is noticeably success in manage these flaws.  September 15 2012

Notification Stacked notifications,  Uppermost is expanded,  Each can be zoomed just by pinching,  These notification are directly connected to things like Google Now, android beam using them snapshots, videos etc can be shared,  Removing them by swiping,  Probably best notification interface.  September 15 2012

Voice Recognition/Voice Typing Voice Recognition during offline mode,  Voice Recognition driver is available ,  Voice Recognition is not good as it is in online mode but third party can take better advantage of it,  Directly connected to mobile search engine apps like google now, and it also helps in finding the short meanings and definition of words  September 15 2012

Google Now Search engine driven by voice,  Gives information like arriving trains,busses,delay of planes nearest and good restaurant.  Used of Knowledge Graph to give general knowledge.  September 15 2012

Magic widget Resizable as we desire,  Automatic re-arrangement of widget, if space is available,  September 15 2012

Gesture Mode Advanced gesture mode,  Extended Braille keyboard and keyboard maps can be downloaded,  Easiness in text traversal while reading ebook as well as browsing internet.  September 15 2012

Android Beam Simple and Near Field Communication(NFC) based app in Android OS,  Helpful in sharing snaps, songs, videos etc,  Simple(Just taping),Instant pairing of phone or tablet to Bluetooth devices like handset or speakers.  September 15 2012

Browser Fast and smooth animations due to advanced tools like : - HTML5 - CSS3 - Canvas Animation Kit Environment(CAKE) - Java script engine (v8)  September 15 2012

Display and Animation Smooth display and animations due to Vertical synchronization(V-sync) and triple buffering  V-sync is method of responding graphical signals high-to-low signal and vice-versa,  Triple buffer is another important feature resulting smooth animation,  In triple buffering, during loading of one buffer memory into video card another buffer memory starts to draw another signal.  September 15 2012

Wi-Fi Service Discovery System Supports multicast DNS-based service discovery( helps connect peer devices),  Peer-to-peer connection,  Only web connection with highbandwidth are detected and peered automatically,  September 15 2012

Keyboard and internalization      Bi-directional typing, Arabic and Hebrew Vertical languages(Japanese, Chinese,..) supported using glyphs, Key maps supported are QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Dvorak, Col emak,……overall 21 international key maps 18 Input languages including persians, Hindi, Telugu, etc. September 15 2012

Security ASLR(Address space Layout Randomization) and Data Execution Protection(DEP),  PIE(Position Independent executable),  Read only Re-location,  Classes like dmesg_restrict and kptr_restricted are used to avoid kernel leaking,  September 15 2012

Other Features Accessibility  Face Unlock  Google Play  Messaging  September 15 2012

Contrast of OS Android IOS Windows phone Apps It has currently at 650,000 total It has 225,000 total Windows Phone currently has 100,000 apps Maps Offline see street view Iphone users reared on Street View Browser sync Chrome Use of Icloud maps Absent of browser Mobile Payment It has Google wallet. It doesn’t have NFC. It has digital wallet. Video Chat It uses Gmail, Google talk , It uses FaceTime. It uses Skype. Call Features We cant enter into Do Not Disturb mode We can enter Do not Disturb mode. There is no sort of Do Not Disturb mode. Messaging It has AIM or Facebook message. It has iMessage It has Skype, Facebook message. Media Streaming It has Nexus Q. September 15 2012 It has AirPlay. means terrific NAVTEQ It has Smart Glass

Conclusion Hence we can see that android 4.1: jellybean OS is the best android OS ever made. But it is not much different than android 4.0: Ice-cream sandwich. Google have made it more advanced to compete with IOS and windows phone OS. They have shown true capability of android OS. We can draw out the following conclusions: pros  Silky-smooth performance  Improved notifications  Chrome as default browser  Resizable widgets cons  Google Now is limited  Available on few devices  Few tablet-friendly apps  No built-in lost device security But the main challenge of jellybean is that it won‟t be used to with or it won‟t be compatible in much hardware and software also will be hard to develop since even ICS is having same problem. September 15 2012

Acknowledgement We would like to present our gratitude to college for giving us this platform to present our skill in this android field. We would like to thanks Prof. Er. Niranjan Khakurel for his continuous support and encouragement in completing this project paper. And at last thanks to all of families and friends and all of you… September 15 2012

Thank You September 15 2012

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