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Information about ANDROGENESIS

Published on November 18, 2017

Author: navdeeppau


Slide 1: ANDROGENESIS Submitted By- Anu chaudhary Bsc.agri .[7 th sem ] Submitted To- Dr.Navdeep Singh Jamwal Slide 2: - 1964,1966 Datura in noxi [ Guha and Maheshwaeri] - 1976 Nicotiana tabacum [ Nitsch] Critical factor- change in developmental patter from mature pollen to embryogenesis . ANDROGENESIS History Slide 3: Androgenesis development of an embryo containing only paternal chromosomes due to failure of the egg to participate in fertilization . ANDROGENESIS Slide 4: Method to produce haploid plants Spontaneous occurrence in low frequency Induction by physical and/or chemical treatment Chromosome elimination following inter specific hybridization Anther/Pollen culture Slide 5: Genotype of donor plants Anther wall factors Culture medium and culture Stage of microspore or pollen development Effect of temperature and/or light Physiological status of donor plant Factors Influencing A ndrogenesis Slide 6: Response is Genotypically determined depending on the species . In cereals, there is a major genetic component controlled by many genes. -In plants such as tobacco , genotype is less important. Anther wall factors - The specific compounds are not known . Addition of anther wall extracts, however was promotive in tobacco. -In some plants, glutamine alone in combination with serine and myoinositol replaced the wall factors. Factors Influencing Andeogenesis Genotype Slide 7: Two hormone groups Without hormones- mostly dicots . Most success with solanaceous species. Do not want the anther wall to from callus. With hormones – most non- solanaceous species. Many monocots. Require hormones or complex organics such as coconut milk. - Sucrose- ranges from 2 % ( Nicotiana ) to 10 % ( Brassica ) Effect of culture medium Slide 8: Simple. Less time consuming. Responsive. Advantages of anther culture Slide 9: Requires skill to remove anther without causing damage. Not much successful in case of cereal crop. Risk of chimera and callus formation from anther wall Disadvantages of anther culture Slide 10: Notes Reference THANK YOU

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