Andrew Brunhart On Why World Coins Are The Next Big Thing

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Published on February 3, 2014

Author: andrewbrunhart



Many US coin collectors get their start in US coinage. It is easy to start this type of collection when you’re young and that is often how people become interested in collecting. However, looking beyond the US coinage can open up areas of great investment potential for non-US coins and banknotes. Numismatics is quickly becoming a popular international hobby. As people start participating worldwide the global demand is increasing as collectors and investors expand their disposable income. Coin collecting has been a hobby for thousands of years and because it is becoming more popular today, the supply of the best material will be purchased. So now is the best time to invest in a carefully selected numismatic item to get the greatest return on your investment as it becomes more desirable. Andrew Brunhart explains how.

Collect  World  Coins   By  Andrew  Brunhart   January  31,  2014     The  realm  of  coin  collecting  in  the   United  States  needs  to  reach   beyond  U.S.  coins  and  capitalize  on   international  markets.  In  his   articles  “Gold  Coins  and  Quality   Rules  in  Heritage  World  Coin   Auction,”  (January  8,  2014),  Greg   Reynolds  notes  that  world  coins   are  valued  much  high  than  U.S.   coins.  At  the  New  York   International  Numismatic   Convention,  high  quality  gold  coins   post-­‐1300,  particularly  those  of  the  19th  century  proved  to  be  the  most  valuable  at   auction.     Many  US  coin  collectors  get  their  start  in  US  coinage.  It  is  easy  to  start  this  type  of   collection  when  you’re  young  and  that  is  often  how  people  become  interested  in   collecting.  However,  looking  beyond  the  US  coinage  can  open  up  areas  of  great   investment  potential  for  non-­‐US  coins  and  banknotes.     Numismatics  is  quickly  becoming  a  popular  international  hobby.  As  people  start   participating  worldwide  the  global  demand  is  increasing  as  collectors  and  investors   expand  their  disposable  income.  Coin  collecting  has  been  a  hobby  for  thousands  of   years  and  because  it  is  becoming  more  popular  today,  the  supply  of  the  best   material  will  be  purchased.  So  now  is  the  best  time  to  invest  in  a  carefully  selected   numismatic  item  to  get  the  greatest  return  on  your  investment  as  it  becomes  more   desirable.     The  US  may  no  longer  be  the  center  of  the  numismatic  world.  As  you  consider  the   thousands  of  years  of  coins  throughout  empires  and  countries  in  the  entire  world,  it   brings  to  light  that  US  coins  are  overvalued.  Or,  the  case  may  be,  that  other  countries   coins  are  undervalued.  That  may  change  as  more  and  more  international  players  get   into  the  market.  Even  though  it  may  be  overwhelming  to  consider  the  amount  of   material  in  the  world  market:  ancient  coins,  medieval  coins,  world  coins,  and   banknotes,  it  is  worth  doing  your  research  to  purchase  the  right  item.  With  the   current  trends  in  collecting,  your  investment  will  pay  off  quite  handsomely.     Andrew  Brunhart  is  currently  leading  the  start-­‐up  of  new  functions  for  the  Bureau  of   Engraving  and  Printing  focusing  on  strategic  change,  portfolio  and  project  

management,  order  management  and  delivery  systems,  and  quality  assurance.   Previously,  Andrew  Brunhart  was  Chief  Operating  Officer  of  the  United  States  Mint   charged  with  leading  a  turnaround  to  become  a  learning,  accountable,  results-­‐ oriented  organization.  Prior  to  this  service,  he  was  Chief  Executive  Officer  of  the   Washington  Suburban  Sanitary  Commission  (WSSC)  in  Laurel,  Maryland,  the  nation’s   eighth  largest  combined  water  and  wastewater  utility  serving  2M  citizens  of  two   counties.  In  that  capacity,  Andrew  Brunhart  led  utility-­‐wide  turnaround  efforts  and   guided  revitalization  of  Engineering  and  Capital  Programs  ($1.5B)  proactively   addressing  WSSC’s  aging  infrastructure  via  1,500  employees.  During  his  tenure,  WSSC   received  recognition  as  one  of  the  “Best  Places  to  Work”  in  Maryland  for  three   consecutive  years.      

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