Andrew Brunhart Has Some Tips for New Year's Leadership Resolutions

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Information about Andrew Brunhart Has Some Tips for New Year's Leadership Resolutions

Published on February 3, 2014

Author: andrewbrunhart



2013 saw many, many books published about the strategies of an effective leader, and no doubt 2014 will bring even more. As the US economy continues to grow, and with it Start Up culture, more and more people are holding the magnifying glass up to people in leadership roles, trying to determine how and why some succeed while others fail. There are a few basics we all know. We all know an effective leader gives and inspires trust and respect, and possesses emotional intelligence, self awareness, communication and listening skills, and the ability to to withstand pressure and handle responsibilities. But what are some other qualities that can be useful? Here, on the brink of 2014, let’s take a moment to consider what our New Year’s leadership resolutions might be. Here are just a couple possibilities, brought to you by Andrew Brunhart of WSSC.

2014  New  Year’s  Leadership   Resolutions   By  Andrew  Brunhart   January  31,  2014     2013  saw  many,  many  books  published  about  the   strategies  of  an  effective  leader,  and  no  doubt  2014   will  bring  even  more.  As  the  US  economy  continues  to   grow,  and  with  it  Start  Up  culture,  more  and  more   people  are  holding  the  magnifying  glass  up  to  people   in  leadership  roles,  trying  to  determine  how  and  why   some  succeed  while  others  fail.     There  are  a  few  basics  we  all  know.  We  all  know  an   effective  leader  gives  and  inspires  trust  and  respect,   and  possesses  emotional  intelligence,  self  awareness,   communication  and  listening  skills,  and  the  ability  to  to  withstand  pressure  and   handle  responsibilities.  But  what  are  some  other  qualities  that  can  be  useful?  Here,   on  the  brink  of  2014,  let’s  take  a  moment  to  consider  what  our  New  Year’s   leadership  resolutions  might  be.  Here  are  just  a  couple  possibilities:     1. Knowing  thyself  better.  Many  leaders  try  to  mimic  tactics  used  by  other   leaders,  and  with  startlingly  less  success.  While  being  inspired  by  the   examples  set  by  mentors  or  competitors  is  great,  it’s  also  important  to  know   who  you  are  and  to  stay  true  to  yourself.  Forget  how  John  Q.  Successman   inspires  trust–how  do  you  inspire  trust?  You  don’t  have  to  reinvent  the   wheel,  but  originality  and  sincerity  go  a  long  way.   2. Stay  excited  and  stay  urgent.  Things  are  moving  faster  and  faster  every   day,  and  neither  you  nor  your  company  can  afford  to  live  on  the  back  foot.   This  doesn’t  mean  anxiety  for  anxiety’s  sake,  but  it  does  mean  make  sure   you’re  pushing  your  employees  to  work  to  their  full  potential.  Expect  the   unexpected  and  strive  to  be  two  steps  ahead  at  all  times.   3. Recognize  that  collaboration  is  king.  When  times  are  tight  and  companies   are  forced  to  cut  corners,  teamwork  and  group  bonding  are  often  the  first   thing  to  go,  but  this  is  wrong.  Collaboration–when  each  employee  is  willing  to   go  to  bat  for  the  others,  and  knows  they’d  do  the  same–is  the  only  path  to   success.   4. Lead  in  thought  as  well  as  action.  Always  be  looking  at  numbers  and   sussing  out  patterns  in  whatever  your  industry  is.  Establish  your  own   process  that  fits  your  company’s  mission  uniquely  and  efficiently,  and  always   be  ready  to  adapt  that  process  as  things  change.  At  the  same  time,  involve  

yourself  more  in  the  day  to  day.  Know  as  much  as  you  can  about  every  single   responsibility  you  delegate.   5. Don’t  be  so  afraid  to  take  risks.  Have  infectious  enthusiasm  and  passion  for   exploring  new  possibilities  that  no  one  has  dreamed  of  before.  While   employees  should  always  trust  their  coworkers  and  superiors  without   reservation,  movement  forward  really  only  happens  in  situations  where   individuals  are  taken  out  of  their  comfort  zone.  Work  every  day  to  find  this   balance  of  safety  and  risk.     Which  of  these  do  you  need  to  work  on  the  most  in  2014?       Andrew  Brunhart  is  currently  leading  the  start-­‐up  of  new  functions  for  the  Bureau  of   Engraving  and  Printing  focusing  on  strategic  change,  portfolio  and  project   management,  order  management  and  delivery  systems,  and  quality  assurance.   Previously,  Andrew  Brunhart  was  Chief  Operating  Officer  of  the  United  States  Mint   charged  with  leading  a  turnaround  to  become  a  learning,  accountable,  results-­‐ oriented  organization.  Prior  to  this  service,  he  was  Chief  Executive  Officer  of  the   Washington  Suburban  Sanitary  Commission  (WSSC)  in  Laurel,  Maryland,  the  nation’s   eighth  largest  combined  water  and  wastewater  utility  serving  2M  citizens  of  two   counties.  In  that  capacity,  Andrew  Brunhart  led  utility-­‐wide  turnaround  efforts  and   guided  revitalization  of  Engineering  and  Capital  Programs  ($1.5B)  proactively   addressing  WSSC’s  aging  infrastructure  via  1,500  employees.  During  his  tenure,  WSSC   received  recognition  as  one  of  the  “Best  Places  to  Work”  in  Maryland  for  three   consecutive  years.      

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