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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: emilymaunder95


OBSESSIVE GENERATIONS I started my listings magazine review with a catchy introduction and an image of myself as director included along with individual images of the interviewees. I started my listings magazine review with a catchy introduction and an image of myself as director included along with individual images of the interviewees. By Emily Maunder I decided to use images in order to make the article eye catching and aesthetically pleasing for the reader.

I decided to use similar language to my research review “Last night’s TV’ because I personally believed the language was engaging for the reader and also different when compared to other reviews from listing magazines, for example Shortlist which I thought personally was very straight to the point, although this is good for informing the reader about the film I wanted to make sure that my review was as interesting and engaging as possible.

The format of my listings magazine review it involved using columns, images and various interviews and responses from the audience all around the UK. I also presented this with a rating system of stars which was something that stood out immediately to the audience as well as giving the documentary a good representation for the readers. I decided to use the interview responses that gave the audience a broad view of the documentary and not just a specific opinion about one part of the documentary, I wanted to ensure that my readers could get a feel for the documentary and use responses that where influential.

I have now completed my first ancillary which is a listings magazine review and when researching about what distributer my review would be used by I decided on using Time Out, this is because I personally enjoyed the language used, as well as their target audience who are both young and working. I wanted to target my audience to a broad audience and therefore wanted to use a listings magazine that targets a wide audience and not a specific age, gender or social group. Although further research enabled me to understand that Time Out would not be the only possible opportunity to advertise my review through. Short List would also be suitable for my documentary, as it is a local paper that could discuss the documentaries reviews.

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