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Information about AncientPersiaM4wipper

Published on December 18, 2007

Author: mwipper


Ancient Persia:  Ancient Persia By: Megan Wipper Persian Economy and Coins:  Persian Economy and Coins Slide4:  Daric- The ancient currency of Persia. Slide6:  There are many different kinds of ancient coins including Shahi, Dinars, Rupees, Tomans, Abbasi and others. Persian Art :  Persian Art Slide11:  The history of Persian art starts with cave paintings They painted animals and hunting scenes on walls of caves. The paintings were discovered on earthenware in Lorenstan. Slide12:  Ancient discovered artifact of Persian writings. Slide15:  Iranian Miniatures were small drawings that artists drew on the margins of handmade books. Slide18:  Persian art was greatly influenced by Chinese art. Slide20:  Persian paintings were colorful with hints of black and white. Slide22:  The Persians also created bronze and gold jewelry. Persian Military :  Persian Military Slide28:  Cavalry was a big part of the Persian military. Slide29:  Military were often unarmored but the horses were. Slide31:  Warrior outfits. Persian Religion:  Persian Religion Government:  Government Persian Architecture:  Persian Architecture Slide45:  Darius I Palace Slide46:  The Stairways Slide49:  Stone structures. The End:  The End

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