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Published on December 18, 2007

Author: apeacock


Ancient Persia :  Ancient Persia Ayla Peacock Government:  Government Government-Darius:  Government-Darius Founded system of government Built roads and postal system Established tax-collecting system Darius:  Darius Came to power in 521 BC Allowed locals of countries he conqured to keep costumes and religion Divided empire into districts called Satrapies Founded system of government that was adapted by many other countries Religion:  Religion Religion :  Religion Most beliefs came from Aryans-conquered Persia Mount Edilburg-home of gods People went to the sky for after life-mountain was close to the sky Gods:  Gods Ahura- head of all gods Zurvan- god of ultimate time Akarana- god of continuous time Atar- god of fire Verethragna- god of war Anahita- goddess who granted immortality God of Light:  God of Light Art:  Art Metalwork Metalwork :  Metalwork gold, silver, steel, copper, lead and a kind of Iron-alloy beginning of important changes in the civilization of man Metalwork:  Metalwork Ornamentals- necklaces, rings, earrings, hair-clips, buttons, mirrors and safety pins Metalwork:  Metalwork Dishes consisting water bowls (special for mourning ceremonies), cups and cylindrical seals Art:  Art Painting Slide25:  pictures of animals and hunting scenes usually profiles painted on earthenware Iranian Miniatures :  Iranian Miniatures Margins of handwritten books battle scenes, feasts, hunting colors are bright w/ layering technique Architecture:  Architecture Architecture :  Architecture Columns- made w/ stone base and covered w/ painted plaster and gold leaf Palaces:  Palaces Made w/ mud-brick or stone Everything was always brightly colored All art was to honor the king Staircases:  Staircases Carved from blocks of stone Monumental double ramped ceremonial staircases They were shallow so honored guests could take their horses up Economy:  Economy Coins and Money Slide37:  Coins were first minted in Saris after they were captured by Persia in 546 BC Darius was leader Established first “Darics”- coins had picture of king in a running kneeling position holding a spear and a bow Used between 521 and 485BC Military:  Military Slide43:  Became strong around 529-600 BC under rule of Cyrus Used tactics from Saka, Scythians and Medes Slide45:  Fought w/2 cornel wood javelins called palta short swords when close to enemy Slide47:  Soldiers wore deccorated Median costumes w/dark yellow caps decorated w/circles, squares, rosettes and stripe patterns Horse Armor:  Horse Armor Barding, a leather and metal apron protected the horses breast Bronze plate to protect the horse's head Parameridia, part of the saddle, curves round to protect the riders thighes The End:  The End

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