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Information about Ancient Mesopotamia

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: andersonhana1



Iakov's Presenation: Mesopotamia's influence on modern society

Ancient Mesopotamia By: Iakov

Mesopotamia lasted from 10000 BC to 539 BC. Ancient Mesopotamia was between two rivers Tigris and Euphrates.

Mesopotamian sails Ancient Mesopotamia invented the sails. It was important for Mesopotamians because they liked trading and selling in other civilizations.

If Mesopotamians didn't invent sails then we wouldn’t have sails and we wouldn’t travel on water.

Measurement of time Mesopotamian invented time. They broke time in seconds, minutes and hours. It was important for Mesopotamians invented measurement of time because if they didn't invent measurement of time then they wouldn’t know what time is it.

If Mesopotamians didn't invent time we wouldn't use clocks and we wouldn't know how to measure time.

Wheels Mesopotamians invented wheels. Wheels were made out of wood stone or clay. It was important for Mesopotamian invent wheels because if Mesopotamians didn’t invent wheels they wouldn’t have chariots and clay wheels. They would drag all the heavy things and they would be tired.

If Mesopotamians didn’t invent wheels than we are not going to have cars, bikes and trains,

Persuasive Paragraph About Wheel I think that the wheel is the most important because it will be hard to travel without a car or a plane. We are not going to have cars and other transportations that has wheels. We will not have door knobs. We will just travel on foot. We wouldn't have steering wheels for ships, planes and helicopters. We wouldn't have windmills because a windmill have a wheel.

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