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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: andersonhana1



Aaron's Presentation: Ancient Greece's influence on modern society.

Ancient Greece by: Aaron

Where and When was Ancient Greek Greek was at the west of Asia. Alexander the Great expanded Greece by defeating and conquering Persia and the Egyptians welcomed him as a king. Their civilizations started at 8000 BC and ended at 146 BC by Rome.

Achievement 1: Wheel Mesopotamia did invent the wheel first, but how could anyone far away from Mesopotamia know? Also the greeks improved the wheel. If Ancient Greece didn’t have wheels what would happen to them? They wouldn’t have transporting inventions, wheeled odometer to measure the ground, The crane and more!

Achievement 2: Crane The modern crane and ancient cranes are different but has the same idea of lifting things. The ancient crane uses hand power but the modern crane uses electricity. How did Greeks build those complicated and high structures? They invented the crane to build structures. We use modern cranes for skyscrapers, airports almost every building!

Achievement 3: Philosophy Philosophy was nothing at the start. Just thinking deeply. But what comes out is important. When philosophers make people think they make us do everything. For example Greece created a lot of things and if there wasn’t philosophy only a little amount of inventions. Philosophy is like persuading because Philosophy actually persuaded people to think. Plato

Paragraph Thanks to Ancient Greek they created the idea of the wheel on the wheelbarrow, odometer and more! Without wheels where would we be? In modern day, far away students wouldn’t be able to go to school because the wheel is part of cars and buses and you need a car or bus to go to school. You would need to wake up early because you don’t have a fast transporter ( which has wheels) or else you would be late. Think of how many times you have rode a car, truck, plane, bus or have done a things with wheels. Wheels are everywhere in our lives. We wouldn’t have Helicopters, airplanes, cars, cranes and much more without wheels.

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