Ancient Greece Summative

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Information about Ancient Greece Summative

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: andersonhana1



Kailey's Presentation: Ancient Greece's influence on modern society

The Story of Ancient Greece Kailey Park

Contents 1. About Greece 2. Influences 1) Democracy 2) Mythology 3) Philosophy 3. Persuasive paragraph

About Greece Capital: Athens Continent: Europe Official language: Greek Language Time: 2900 BC~ 200 BC

Influences 1) Democracy About Democracy What is Democracy? : Democracy is a type of government. : People have freedom to elect the country’s dictator. ex) When a democratic country picks a new president, the citizens first vote -> The person who gets the most votes gets to be the president!

Democracy Impacting Ancient Greece Before democracy was created, the oligarchies ruled very bad. After democracy was created, the citizens were happy because they had the rights to pick the new king or president.

Democracy Impacting the modern society Now, most countries use democracy. -> When countries use democracy, voting presidents are fair, so people don’t fight.

Influences 2) Mythology (Polytheistic) About Mythology What is Mythology? : Mythology is a made-up stories from a long time ago. Most of the stories is about the Greek gods.

Mythology Impacting Ancient Greece Zeus Hercules statue Bellerophon People in ancient Greece enjoyed reading myths. Writers or authors would write stories that follow the same style as a myth to get money, to be famous and to entertain people.

Mythology Impacting Modern Society These myths are known all over the world nowdays. ex) The ancient Greek mythology influenced authors by writing adventure stories. Many adventure stories following the same style as a mythology, won the newberry prize, etc...

Influences 3) Philosophy About Philosophy What is Philosophy? Philosophy means “love of wisdom.” Philosophers think and talk with people to understand how people think. They also ask many questions to people that have very simple answers which bothered people. However, these questions became very helpful to the modern society. ex) Great philosophers : Homer, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle

Philosophy Impacting Ancient Greece The philosophers helped inventors by encouraging them to think more deeper. The government made laws through philosophy.

Philosophy Impacting Modern Society Plato Socrates Aristotle Philosophers of ancient Greek influenced in all aspects. -> Philosophers changed the way we think in. (They made people focus on human.) Philosophers developed physics,

Persuasive paragraph : Philosophy I think philosophy had influenced the modern society and the ancient civilization the most. Greek philosophers also changed how people think and what people wonder. By talking, philosophers learned how people think. Aristotle believed that every subject could be understood through logic. Most of all, philosophy helps people to think critically about the big questions in life. Greek philosophers encouraged inventors to make new inventions and more. Scientists used philosophy to discover things (ex. how the universe began). We study philosophy to make new laws.

Sources Books and informations: Photos: -What Did The ANCIENT GREEKS Do For Me? by Patrick Catel - uk/schools/primaryhistory/ancient_greeks/the_olympic_ga mes/ - - docId=1069196&cid=40942&categoryId=31538 - - -

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