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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: andersonhana1



Matthew's ESL presentation: Ancient Greece's influence on modern society

Ancient Greece by:Matthew

Greek Map And Timeline greek start on 1100B.c and ended on 750 B.c.

How Ancient Greece Used the Olympics. Olympics :It happened to worship the gods. Impact on civilization:When Rome conquered Greece Rome used the Olympics to fight to death.

How the Olympics Changed Our Lives Olympic changed our life,because we used olympic sports to be healthy. So the olympics is important and impacted our lives.

How the Ancient Greece Lighthouse Works Light house had a place to put a fire to light up the lighthouse. Rome used lighthouses because there were lots of ships coming.

How the Lighthouse Changed Our Life We use lighthouse today and it change our life because if there was no light house the ship will crash so light house is important.

How Ancient Greece Used Umbrellas. It flipped up and there was a handle to hold. Ancient China used an umbrella, even ancient India used umbrellas.

How An Umbrella Impacted Our Modern Society We always use an umbrella in rainy days or snowy days to keep our body dry.

Shielding Umbrella An umbrella changed our life the most because we always use umbrella to not get wet,not get cold or not get burned. Also,it protects our skin and hair from acid rain.If we don't have an umbrella we will get wet cold burns and get chemical on our skin and hair.Everyone doesn't like to get burn.It hurts alot. and you don't like to get chemical on your skin and hair.So the umbrella is important invention because it it protects our body.


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