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Published on February 11, 2008

Author: Patrizia


Slide1: Minoans + Mycenaeans = The Greeks :  Minoans + Mycenaeans = The Greeks Origins of the Greeks: Minoans & Mycenaeans 2800 B.C.E. - 1500 B.C.E. Minoans (2800-1400 BCE):  Minoans (2800-1400 BCE) Lived on island of Crete Existed during Egypt’s Old Kingdom Government: Priest-kings Religion: Polytheists Cities NOT surrounded by walls Ship Builders & Traders Farming Fishing Overpowered by Mycenaeans by 1400 BCE Minoan Art:  Minoan Art Sculptures, Pottery, and Frescoes Minoans created and traded pottery, leather, bronze armor, and metal jewelry. They also enjoyed sports such as boxing and bull leaping.:  Minoans created and traded pottery, leather, bronze armor, and metal jewelry. They also enjoyed sports such as boxing and bull leaping. Slide6:  Minoan Fresco at the Palace of Knossos Minoan fresco: Prince of Knossos:  Minoan fresco: Prince of Knossos Minoan Religion:  Minoan Religion Polytheists Main god: Great Goddess, Mother Earth) Minoan Religion:  Minoan Religion Built shrines on housetops, hilltops, and in caves Why hilltops? Why caves? Offerings included: Human hair fruit flowers jewels gold Mother Earth The fall of Minoan civilization is described in the legendary fight of Theseus, a young Greek prince and the Minotaur. :  The fall of Minoan civilization is described in the legendary fight of Theseus, a young Greek prince and the Minotaur. Relief Sculpture of Theseus and defeated Minotaur Mycenaeans (2000 - 900 BCE):  Mycenaeans (2000 - 900 BCE) Lower Greece (lowlands) Built fortress-palaces on hilltops Engaged in farming, herding, olive growing. Traded: gold & bronze Learned from Minoans: Shipbuilding, navigation, gold & bronze work, fashions, art, writing. Better warriors than traders (pirates) Became most powerful people in Aegean world by 1400 BCE Trojan War (1200s BCE) Conquered by Dorians (late 1200’s) The “Dark Age” (1100 -800 BCE):  The “Dark Age” (1100 -800 BCE) Civil wars broke out following Trojan War Dorians conquered Mycenaeans Aegean world began era of “wandering and killing” Independent communities developed Layered view of nine major settlements of Troy by Christopher Haussner based on archaelogical excavation. Greek City-States (700 - 338 BCE):  Greek City-States (700 - 338 BCE) Greek City-States:  Greek City-States The Hellenes, or Greeks emerge from the Dark Age The Polis, or city-state was the center of Greek life Polis structure: Acropolis (fortified hill) Agora (marketplace at foot of acropolis) Polis included homes, farming villages, fields, and orchards Greek Civics and Politics:  Greek Civics and Politics Civic and personal honor is one and the same The Polis (city-state) is above everything else Greenblatt, Lemmo. Human Heritage. Glencoe, McGraw-Hill 1995. A New Government:  A New Government Solon created 1st Constitution (594 BCE) Set of principles and rules for governing Purpose: To end oligarchy and to prevent uprising against government by middle and lower class The First Democratic Constitution:  The First Democratic Constitution Created by Cleisthenes in 508 BCE (lasted 300 yrs.) Limits power of rich & land ownership All male landowners could vote All debts were erased All enslaved due to debt, were freed All Athenians became citizens and able to participate in government Assembly created to make laws Representation of Cleisthenes The Athenian Government Structure:  The Athenian Government Structure Greek Religion:  Greek Religion The most popular priestess was a priestess in the temple of Delphi. The Delphi was the center of the world for Greeks. Gods with human qualities (anthropomorphism):  Gods with human qualities (anthropomorphism) Poseiden The Courtship of Venus and Mars Aphrodite Greek Theater:  Greek Theater Began during festivals honoring the god Dionysus (600 BCE) Types of Plays Tragedies Aeschylus Sophocles Euripides Comedies Only men could act in plays A civic responsibility The Great Greek Philosophers:  The Great Greek Philosophers Socrates Plato Aristotle Socrates (469-399 BCE):  Socrates (469-399 BCE) Stonemason, spent time arguing with assembly Taught: Question everything, use step-by-step questioning to final conclusion (Socaratic Method) Executed for denying gods, corrupting youth, and trying to overthrow gov. Greenblatt, Lemmo. Human Heritage. Glencoe, McGraw-Hill 1995 Plato (427-347 BCE):  Plato (427-347 BCE) Pupil of Socrates Recorded speeches of Socrates Father of Political Science Founded The Academy to train government leaders Wrote The Republic & The Dialogues Aristotle (384-322 BCE):  Aristotle (384-322 BCE) Pupil of Plato at The Academy Trained in Medicine “Master of Them That Know” First to classify plants & animals Developed final steps in scientific method (Hypothesis and Test) Plato Aristotle

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