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Published on November 21, 2007

Author: Emma


Anna Anderson: :  Anna Anderson: …Or Just a Another Fake? The Last Grand Duchess of Russia? Vicki Nee Per.3 4/25.07 Mooney Thesis Statement:  Thesis Statement Grand Duchess Anastasia’s fate has been a point of speculation among intellectuals, royalty, and even everyday citizens, since the news of her family’s massacre first spread. The last true princess of Russia, she was believed to have died during the Russian Revolution, until a woman named Anna Anderson claimed to be her. Was Anna Anderson truly the lost princess of the Romanovs? Or just another one of the countless frauds that emerged in the mid 1900s? ……..We may never truly know. Slide3:  Born on June 18, 1901. Youngest of four sisters with one younger brother. Considered the Last Grand Duchess/ princess of Russia. Thought to have died by an Bolshevik execution squad during the Russian Revolution. Her remains have never been found. Basic Facts: Ananstasia Slide4:  February 17, 1920 a woman jumped of a bridge in Germany. After several months in a mental hospital, she revealed herself as Anastasia to the nurses. Anderson knew many details of Russian court life that only a member of the royal family would have known. She died before anything was proven. Basic Facts: Anna Anderson Slide5:  The Romanov Family Slide7:  Was a kind and very gentle man Spoke many languages, including: French, English, and German. Received little training for the role as Czar as Czar Alexander III, as his father, and was only in his forties when Nicholas reached adulthood. Background Information: The Royal Family Father: Czar Nicolas II Background Information: The Royal Family Mother: Tsaritsa Alexandra:  Was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria of England and a carrier of hemophilia. Before her marriage, she was the German Princess of Hesse-Darmstadt Her personality was cold and reserved to people she did not know very well; possibly a result of the death of her mother and favorite brother early in her life. Background Information: The Royal Family Mother: Tsaritsa Alexandra Background Information: The Royal Family Siblings:  Background Information: The Royal Family Siblings Olga Tatiana Maria Alexi: -The only son in the Royal Romanov Family, - he was the heir to the throne. -He had hemophilia, which is known as the “Royal Disease” for its prevalence in the royal families of Europe. (Is a genetic disorder which is further spread by inbreeding). Older Sisters Slide10:  Hemophilia in European Royalty Anastsia:  Anastsia Childhood:  Childhood Anastasia Nicholaievna Romanov Nicknamed shvibzik, meaning "imp” Had reddish blonde hair and blue eyes. Born June 18th, 1901 Youngest daughter of Czar Nicolas. Although the larger and more grand Catherine Palace was nearby, Czar Nicolas chose the Alexander Palace at Tsarkoe Selo to raise his family in. Slide13:  Childhood The family lived very frugally for a royal family: The children slept in army cots without pillows The “Big Pair”: older sisters Olga and Tatiana shared a room while the “Little Pair” Maria and Anastasia shared another room. Had close-knit and loving family. However, much of the family’s mood often was determined by Alexi’ condition (hemophilia). Slide14:  Her childhood was spent in seclusion with her family. Her daily routine consisted of: -Breakfast with her mother -Classes and playtime -And then, afternoon tea with the Tsar and Tsaritsa Her tutor, Pierre Guillard said of her, “She was the imp of the whole house and the glummest faces would always brighten in her presence, for it was impossible to resist her jokes and nonsense.” Childhood Slide16:  Olga Tatiana Maria Anastasia in a Official Royal Family Portrait Slide17:  Personality She was the most intelligent and mischievous among her siblings. On herself, Anastasia said, “I excelled at composition. I must say that all my poems were satires, lampoons, from which no one was safe.” Liked to mimic others and played pranks and jokes on other members of the family. Tatiana Botkin, her childhood playmate and daughter of the family physician, Dr. Botkin, said, “[Anastasia was ] lively and rough . . . roguish." Princess Xenia called her, "frightfully temperamental, wild and rough." Slide18:  "She undoubtedly held the record for punishable deeds in her family, for in naughtiness she was a true genius," -said Gleb Botkin "Anastasia was nasty to the point of being evil,“ -Princess Nina Georgievna More Quotes… Slide20:  In February 1917, Nicholas II abdicated The royal family was out under house arrest at the Alexander Palace. The family had little privacy and were treated roughly by guards of the Red Army. Russian Revolution: Alexander Palace Slide21:  Depressed: “Goodby [sic]," she wrote in a a letter to a friend during the winter of 1917. "Don't forget us.” She gained weight and worried constantly. Tried to make the best of the situation, “We played on the swing, that was when I roared with laughter, the fall was so wonderful! Indeed! I told the sisters about it so many times yesterday that they got quite fed up, but I could go on telling it masses of times ... What weather we've had! One could simply shout with joy.” Russian Revolution: Life Under House Arrest Slide22:  May 1918, the family was transferred to another house in Siberia. The house was cramped and there was often not enough heat even with many blankets an etc. A guard, named Alexander Strekotin, said she was "very friendly and full of fun,” Another guard said Anastasia was "a very charming devil! She was mischievous and, I think, rarely tired. She was lively, and was fond of performing comic mimes with the dogs, as though they were performing in a circus”. Russian Revolution: Ipatiev House Slide23:  Russian Revolution: Execution July 16, 1918, the family along with their personal doctor, Dr. Botkin and 3 servants were told to go to the cellar of the house where they were to get their pictures taken. Instead, soldiers opened fire on them, killing first Nicolas and then Alexandra. The bullets repelled from the women's dresses, and the scared soldiers thought that this was a sign from God. After the smoke cleared, it was obvious that Alexi and a few of the other girls were still alive. The soldiers bayoneted them and disposed of the bodies in a deserted mine and later poured acid to disfigure the bodies. ANNA ANDERSON:  ANNA ANDERSON Slide25:  A woman was fished out of a river in Berlin after she attempted suicide by jumping off the bridge. She would not give her name and was sent to a mental hospital in Berlin. Called, Fräulein Unbekannt (Miss Unknown) by the nurses. In 1921, this woman revealed to a nurse that she was indeed Grand Duchess Anastasia. Anna Anderson: Initial Appearance Slide26:  Princess Irene (Anastasia’s aunt) later cried about the meeting and admitted, "She is similar, she is similar.” but said Anderson was not her. Grand Duke Alexander exclaimed, "I have seen Nicky's daughter! I have seen Nicky's daughter!" Anna Anderson: Is She For Real? Anna Anderson: What She Said…:  “…when you lie in…[a wagon]…with a smashed head and body…Howe long was it? my God. A long time. Many weeks…we went through stretches where there were no people…the water was for my head. But sometimes, there was no water.” “Everything, everything, horrible, dreadful, haste, hurry, dirt, blood…Why were my dresses all bloody? Everything was full of blood.” Anna Anderson: What She Said… Anna Anderson: Her Claims:  Anderson claimed that after the shootings had occurred, she had faked dead. A sympathetic guard named Alexander Tchaikovsky rescued her and smuggled her west. Apparently, she had come to Berlin in hopes of finding the Grand Duchess Irene but had lost her nerve and decided to commit suicide instead. Anna Anderson: Her Claims Slide29:  Anderson had knowledge of the Grand Duke Ernst of Hesse, whom she said had visited Russia in 1916 in the middle of World War II. (He is German) He denied this, but in 1966, the Kaiser's stepson testified in court that Ernest had gone to Russia during this time. She had many bullet scars all over her body as well as a knife scar that may have been caused by a bayonet. Tegleva (her childhood nurse) said that Anderson’s bunions and food disorder was exactly the same as Anastasia's. In court, an expert said her ear was identical to Anastasia's (human ears rarely change in shape or much in size with age) Dr. Minna Becker said Anderson’s handwriting to be identical to that of the Grand Duchess. Anna Anderson: FORc Slide30:  “The height, the form, the color of the hair are exactly hers. … The mouth has changed and coarsened noticeably, and because of the face’s leanness the nose appears to be larger than it was. But … her unforgettable eyes and the look in them have remained exactly the same.” — Tatiana Botkin (1926) Slide32:  Alexandra Tegleva (Her childhood nurse) Lili Dehn (a close friend of Alexandra) Gleb and Tatiana Botkin (playmates) Grand Duke Andrew Vladmirovich Baron and Baroness von Kleist Anna Anderson: Supporters Slide33:  Franziska Schanzkowska : Grand Duke Ernst of Hesse Refused to speak Russian, she said she would not speak the language of the people who murdered her family. Dowager Empress refused to believe that the Romanov family was even dead. Captain Nicolas Smith said, “You may cut off my head but I do not find the slightest resemblance between her and the grand duchess”. Anna Anderson: CONS Slide34:  Baroness Buxhereden Princess Irene of Prussia Captain Nicolas Sablin Pierre Gilliad Danya Hesse Anna Anderson: Non-Belivers Slide35:  In the summer of 1973, when I met her for the first time, she was still compos mentis -- brisk, commanding, and charming in unguarded moments The five also share "a special family dental disease," Plaksin told me incidentally, which looks congenital and which was already advanced at the time of their deaths, despite the obvious care that had been taken of their teeth. My heart leapt a little at that: when Anna Anderson surfaced in Berlin in 1920, 19 months after the murder of the imperial family, about eight of her teeth were extracted in a charity hospital because they were painful and loose. "People are sorry…that the family had to suffer such a terrible fate. The Mystery of the Romanov Bones: Peter Kurth Slide36:  In 1991, the Royal Family’s remains were uncovered. DNA was taken from the bodies and run against DNA believed to have been taken from Anderson. (She died in 1984) They did not match. In fact the DNA matched Franziska Schanzkowska’s family DNA. However, the samples of Anna Anderson came from questionable sources and many believe that the DNA was contaminated. Anna Anderson: DNA Testing Slide37:  Although the mystery of Anastasia is one that may never be solved, I truly believe that Anna Anderson was the Grand Duchess Anastasia. All evidence points it. Anastasia’s most intimate friends and family believed Anderson’s claim, and those that did not, such as the Dowager Empress and the Grand Duke of Hesse had strong ulterior motives that may have been at play. Yes, DNA proves otherwise, and yes Anderson's claim is farfetched: yet I believe that it is ignorance for anyone to refute Anderson’s validity. Too many factors, too many reasons all point to Anderson as Anastasia. However, with the death of Anderson in 1984, so did all hope in proving her true identity. And therefore we must wait, wait in the way the skeletons’ of the Romanov family waited for 70 years to be unearthed: wait, until science and time reveal to us a truth that will finally be uncovered. Conclusion Slide38:  QUESTIONS? You guys better say no, or I swear…. Bibliography:  Bibliography "Anastasia's Artwork." Anastasia's Art Studio. 18 Aug. 2004. 12 Apr. 2006 <>. "Anastasia and Anna Anderson." Royalty.Nu. 2007. 12 Apr. 2007 <>. Atchison, Bob. "My Name is Anastasia." Alexander Palace Time Machine. 2004. Alexander Palace Society. 29 Apr. 2007 <>. Kurth, Peter. "The Mystery of the Romanov Bones." Vanity Fair 12 Jan. 1993. 18 Apr. 2007 <>. Kurth, Peter. Tsar: the Lost World of Nicolas and Alexandra. Boston: The Madison P Limited, 1995. McGuire, Lerslie. Anastasia, Czarina or Fake? New York: Greenhaven P, Inc., 1989.

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