Analysis of the Global Dynamic Publishing Solutions Market

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Information about Analysis of the Global Dynamic Publishing Solutions Market

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: FrostandSullivan



Heightened demand for multi-format content, owing to the massive growth in the number of channels and enterprise emphasis on a bigger Web and social presence, is driving the global dynamic publishing solutions market. The weakening of print media also adds fuel to the market. However, as publishers seek greater functionalities at lower prices, vendors are challenged to boost profitability while growing market share. The global market is likely to witness tremendous innovation as tier II and tier III solution providers vie to compete with the top two vendors – Adobe and Quark, which account for nearly 70 percent of market revenues.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan's Analysis of the Global Dynamic Publishing Solutions Market research finds market revenue is expected to reach $2.5 billion in 2017 from $878.4 million in 2012.

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Analysis of the Global Dynamic Publishing Solutions Market Proliferation of Digital Assets and Demand for Content Repurposing Fuels Doubledigit Market Growth

Executive Summary NC9B-70 2

Executive Summary • Dynamic publishing solutions streamline publishing workflows, enhance content quality, and reduce marketing cycle time for enterprises and creative publishers across industries. During the last 3 years, the market has achieved an increase in deployments as the heightening awareness of dynamic publishing solutions leads to greater focus on process and execution. • As a result, a variety of solutions are available to meet the ever-expanding customer requirements. This study broadly divides the dynamic publishing solutions market in 2 segments: page layout and design solutions and XML authoring tools and publishing platforms. • The rise in multiple new form-factor devices, with operating systems ranging from closed propriety systems to Linux based, Apple, and Microsoft Windows, creates a need for streamlined publishing to a variety of output media. • Frost & Sullivan anticipates that device markets, including mobile handsets, tablets, and e-Readers, will achieve double-digit growth through 2015 and beyond. • Estimates indicate that more than 700 million smartphones and around 120 million tablets were shipped in 2012. This trend will have a direct and positive bearing on the dynamic publishing solutions market. • When paired with shifting end-user content consumption trends, dynamic publishing solutions will become increasingly valuable to content creators looking to address the largest audience possible. Dynamic publishing solutions play an integral role in the growth of enterprise content management (ECM). • At a macro level, the content development space continues to evolve, and the need remains the same: delivering the desired content in the most impactful format to the right people. Clients continue to realize the importance of making their information more accessible and actionable and, in the process, are evincing significant interest in these solutions. Source: Frost & Sullivan NC9B-70 3

Executive Summary—CEO’s Perspective 1 Increasing demand for multi-format content repurposing will continue to contribute significantly to market growth. 2 Channel explosion and a heightened emphasis on a bigger Internet and social presence will play a role in dynamic publishing solutions, evolving in terms of feature sets and value. 3 Clients continue to demand greater functionalities at lower prices; therefore, vendors are challenged to grow profitability while also growing market share. 4 To offset the decline in revenue from traditional print medium, publishers must focus on powerful digital publication, providing opportunities for dynamic publication vendors to profit. 5 Dynamic publishing will play an important role in driving companies to adopt a single unified information platform, thus benefiting the entire array of information management solutions. Source: Frost & Sullivan NC9B-70 4

Frost & Sullivan Digital Media Value Chain Coverage Digital Media Value Chain: Dynamic Publishing, Global, 2012 Lecture Capture & Video Webcasting Online Video Platforms Marketing Process Optimization Dynamic Publishing Marketing Automation Content Protection, Entitlement & Rights Management Enterprise Search Digital Asset Management & Enterprise Content Animation & CAE Management Software Online Video & Web Analytics Multi-Platform Delivery & CDNs Encoding & Transcoding STORAGE Digital Signage Enterprise Acquisition Middleware and Workflow Delivery Media and Entertainment Video Enabled Consumer Devices STORAGE Broadcast & Cinematography Cameras Nonlinear Editing Encoding & Transcoding Media Asset Animation Software Management —Scope of the study NC9B-70 IRDs Video Switchers Video & Ad Insertion Servers Content Protection, Entitlement & Rights Management Broadcast Scheduling Systems IP Video Network Management Pay TV Platforms Online Video Platforms & Analytics 3D Technologies Multi-Platform Delivery & CDNs Source: Frost & Sullivan 5

Market Overview • This research service is part of Frost & Sullivan’s digital media coverage. Frost & Sullivan analyzes the digital media value chain for the enterprise and for the media and entertainment industries and studies the breadth of technologies that enable both ecosystems. • These technologies span digital content creation and acquisition at one end of the value chain and continue through to the management, repurposing, delivery, analytics, and engagement of that content at the other end. • This research service focuses on the dynamic publishing solutions market. Dynamic publishing is defined as the value chain of software solutions that enables the creation, repurposing, publication, and delivery of rich content, which can include text, graphics, and video across a variety of media. • The complete dynamic publishing solutions ecosystem includes software that enables XML authoring, content management, and multi-channel publishing. • Existing technological infrastructure as well as potential use scenarios will dictate if point solutions or end-to-end publishing solutions are a better fit for a customer’s requirements. Therefore, countless dynamic publishing footprints exist, and no 2 enterprise deployments are identical. • This study discusses in detail how evolving content publishing requirements, exponentially growing data and content management needs, and enterprise preferences toward a dynamic, integrated, organization-wide experience are translating into new business opportunities for this market. Source: Frost & Sullivan NC9B-70 6

Market Overview—Key Questions This Study Will Answer Is the market growing? How long will it continue to grow and at what rate? How are the existing companies going to shape the market? What are the current trends in the market, and how are competitors continuing to provide valuepriced products? What technical trends are shaping the marketplace today? What disruptions are on the horizon, and what implications does this have on future product strategy? How are solutions going to evolve in terms of features and functionalities? Source: Frost & Sullivan NC9B-70 7

Details of the Full Analysis Section Slide Number Executive Summary 4 Market Overview 9 Total Dynamic Publishing Solutions Market - • External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints 19 • Forecast and Trends 32 • Product Analysis 49 • Market Share and Competitive Analysis 54 Hot Company Watchlist 63 The Last Word 67 Appendix 70 NC9B-70 8

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